J.C. Ryle Quote – Five Reasons Why You Should Think About Your Salvation Daily

“One single soul saved shall outlive and outweigh all the kingdoms of the world.”

– J.C. Ryle

Five Reasons Why You Should to Think About Your Salvation Daily

That’s a very powerful quote because it highlights the importance of salvation. It also brings home the point that salvation is really the only thing that’s important in our waking world.

Unfortunately, it’s too easy to get caught up in the cares of the world and lose sight of the importance of salvation. Jesus himself shows us this principle in the Parable of the Sower.

In the parable of the sower, one thing that Jesus was saying was that we may have received the Word and been saved, but because of the fact that we focused on the world’s cares and worries we let ourselves get choked off from our relationship with him instead of focusing on the only thing that truly matters. Here are the five reasons why you need to think about your salvation daily.

Reason 1: You ain’t seen nothing yet

The Garden of Eden and Jesus’ promise of eternal life through salvation shows us that the real thrill of living is in the future. Living for today and living only for this life, is like going though the first part of a movie and leaving. That doesn’t make any sense. You have to stick around for the whole show.

The good news is that the show that God intended for us to enjoy lasts forever. The real thrill of living is an eternal life with God. Regardless of where you’ve been, where you’ve travelled to, or the things that you’ve enjoyed in this life, those are nothing compared to a life of eternity with God.

Reason 2: Thinking about salvation enables you to abide in Jesus

When you think about your salvation daily, you by necessity focus on the only real person that truly matters: You focus on Jesus Christ. Salvation and Jesus Christ are linked together. You cannot think about eternal life or life after death without thinking of the means to eternal life.

The Bible is clear: “[Jesus is] the way, the way, the truth, and life.” Nobody goes to the Father without going through Jesus Christ. So when you think about salvation you have to think about the only way to obtain that salvation which is a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Reason 3: Focusing on salvation reminds you of your need for a savior

By focusing on salvation on a daily basis, we are reminded that we need a savior because no human being can save himself or herself. It’s just not going to happen. Our works do not save. God does not owe us anything.

We are only saved through God’s grace which is a free gift and we unlock that gift through faith. The key part of that is focusing on salvation on a daily basis because it reminds us of our need for a savior.

Reason 4: Keeping your mind on salvation keeps you humble

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s very common to people to feel a false sense of pride the more victorious they become in life. Instead of giving glory, honor, and thanks to Jesus who is the source of all good things, we fall into this trap of thinking that we deserve our victories. We start relying on ourselves.

Unfortunately, this is not real faith. The moment you start relying on yourself and not on Jesus Christ, your relationship with Christ suffers a major blow. And in fact, it may have deteriorated to a certain level that you may think you’re giving honor and glory to God but really giving honor and glory to yourself. By keeping your mind on salvation, it reminds you that all good things come from Jesus and as a result, you are humble. You realize your weakness. You realize your need from Him every single day. That is a real relationship.

Reason 5: Living for salvation puts temptation in perspective

Every second you’re alive, you are subject to temptation. Temptation is a necessary by-product of being a human. Temptations will come and are unavoidable, but how we respond to temptation is fully within our control. If you don’t abide with Jesus and you don’t focus on salvation every single day, temptations become bigger than they really are. They become harder to resist.


Salvation is no small matter. In fact, salvation is the whole point of living. Salvation is the gateway to living a life that is truly worth living. What life is that? An eternal life with Jesus Christ. Keep the reasons above in mind so you can continue to think about salvation on a daily basis.

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