3 Reasons God Supplies Our Needs

“You will never need more than He can supply, and what He supplies, both materially and spiritually, will always be enough for the present.”

– J.I. Packer

Sometimes Christians can look at God as some sort of cosmic Santa Claus or treat him like some genie in a bottle. Stripped to their core, too many of our prayers can be stripped down to ‘gimme gimme gimme what I want!’ I don’t mean to be harsh but let’s dig deep now. Isn’t this true? It is no surprise we as Christians find ourselves asking God: “I have become a Christian but my prayers still aren’t being answered. Why aren’t you listening to me, God?” If you have heard yourself say this, here are the three reasons why you will never need more than what God supplies.

What You Need

Be honest and think about your prayers. What are you really praying for? Are you praying for things you really need or are you praying for ‘extras’? God may not grant you all or any of the luxuries you pray for, but He is sure to grant you what you need. The most common example of this is praying for new stuff when He is blessing you with health for a new day wherein you can appreciate all the things you already have.

His Will for You

Another reason why God sometimes doesn’t give you what you want when you want it is that He is giving you stuff that’s more pressing. In fact, He might not be giving stuff at all. Maybe, through sending you challenges, he is getting you to voluntarily come up with a realization regarding His will for your life. In the big scheme of things, this is probably the biggest blessing that can come from God.

When we start viewing life based on His will, things become clear and a sense of purpose fills us. This purpose-driven focus on life leads to a more fulfilling life instead of a life powered solely by wanting and needing. You end up living an empty life of craving more and more stuff while feeling less and less satisfied. Focus on His will instead.

Your Salvation

You might think the most important thing in your life right now is the right job or the right investments or opportunities. You might think comfort and convenience are extremely important and non-negotiable. You might want to think again. God’s focus in your life never changes. His focus is on how you can be reconciled with Him. His top concern is your salvation. Think about this next time you feel frustrated that your prayers won’t pan out.

Final Thought

While it is too easy to dwell on what’s in front of you like the right home, the right stuff, the right lifestyle, focus on what God thinks is right for you. It all leads to Gospel plan of salvation. With that mindset, you’ll stop being frustrated by your ‘unanswered prayers’ and see the answers God has been giving you all along.

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