J.C. Ryle Quote – 3 Reasons to Rejoice When Satan Tries to Rock Your World

“We are evidently no friends of Satan. Like the kings of this world, he wars not against his own subjects. The very fact that he assaults us should fill our minds with hope.

– J.C. Ryle

J.C. Ryle Quote Commentary – Rejoice When Satan Tempts You

Ever notice that when someone enters your church and turns their life over to Christ, a large number of them quickly face challenges. Whether it is a problem at work, a problem at home, or a health problem, issues seem to come out of nowhere soon after they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. In fact, this happens frequently enough that many people mistakenly lay the blame on God or shy away from surrendering to Jesus or else they suffer the same fate. The reality is that these challenges do not come from God. They come from the Enemy. This should not be a surprise. In fact, it is to be expected. As J.C. Ryle notes, when we become subjects of God, Satan hates us. He makes war on those who are not his subjects and who reject his authority.

When you become a Christian, you will be caught in a war for your loyalty and faith. Satan will do everything in his power to throw you off and make you come back to him. Here are three reasons why you should rejoice when Satan sends grief your way.

Reason #1: Satan hates those who have given their hearts to God

As the Bible teaches, no man can serve two masters. Satan knows this. When he sees us make Jesus our master, he knows that he has one less soul to oppress-and this enrages him. When you feel the heat of Satan’s hate, rejoice. This means you have made the right choice in placing your heart in the hands of God and asking Him to engrave his law on your heart.

Reason #2: Satan moves against those moving closer to Jesus

If you haven’t completely turned over your heart to Jesus, Satan can see your movements. He knows where you are headed and he’s worried. It is not uncommon for Satan to send all sorts of life-crushing challenges to people who are inching closer to God. If this happens to you, rejoice! You are headed in the right direction. This is your opportunity to go full blast and push even further in the direction of Jesus Christ.

Reasons #3: Satan’s challenges are opportunities for us to rely on Christ’s strength

Nothing would make Satan happier than seeing people try to resist him using only their human strength. He knows this is futile and this is why he’d be thrilled. When you are challenged, close your eyes, put your hands together, and pray. Call on Jesus’ presence in the center of your mind and let his strength and peace fill you, and the devil will get smaller and smaller and flee.

If you are going through challenges because of your acceptance of Christ in your heart, persevere. Hang on to Jesus. Draw on his strength and peace, and the storm will pass.

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