George Herbert Quote – 4 Ways Words of Encouragement are Seeds of Life

“Good words are worth much, and cost little.”

– George Herbert

Devotional: 4 Ways Words of Encouragement are Seeds of Life

When you are encouraging other people, you are planting seeds of life. You are planting seeds in those people that can lead them to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Here are four ways your words of encouragement can be seeds of life.

Encouraging Words Give People Energy

It’s easy to get tired when you’re met with disappointment and outright failure but when people encourage you and point out the positive in everything you’re doing, you can’t help but feel energized. You can’t help but get a second wind. This might just be what you need to finally get over and capture the victory that you are capable of achieving with your life and all it took was a word of encouragement.

They Give People Renewed Hope

If you’re met with a lot of discouragements and failures it’s easy to lose hope and think that if you encountered a pattern of disappointments in the past then there’s really no point in going forward. But when you give an encouraging word to people it renews their hope and renews their drive to get on to the next day. In the long journey of life, there are many points were things may seem hopeless and the right word at the right time can renew our hope and get us to the next day. Be that person to sow that seed.

They Give People Reassurance That They aren’t Alone

When you encourage other people, you’re also reassuring other people that you care about them. They are reminded that in their journey through life there are people around them and these people care. This sense of reassurance may just be what they need to keep moving forward, to keep trying, and to keep moving. The devil will throw all sorts of negative signals your way and it doesn’t take much glistening for all these to sink in and really take out the best from you. And when people reassure you, you’re reminded that you are not alone in the journey. You are reminded that people care and that God has given you friends along the way. This is just what you need to get on to the next day, and the next day after that until you achieve victory.

They Strengthen People to Be Patient

In many cases, great victories only happen after a long process, which can cause us to lose patience. When the days seem to blend into each other, we tend to lose sight of the purpose in life. When people encourage you though, they strengthen you in your resolve to hang in there with your journey and wait it out.


Every time you open your mouth, you either sow seeds of death or seeds of life. You can either discourage people and make them lose hope or encourage people and help them strengthen their faith and achieve the victory God has in store for them. Ultimately it is your choice.

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