G. Campbell Morgan Quote – 4 Ways Prayer Can Deliver Victory

“Prayer is life passionately wanting, wishing, desiring God’s triumph. Prayer is life striving and toiling everywhere and always for that ultimate victory.”

– G. Campbell Morgan

Devotional: 4 Ways Prayer Can Deliver Victory

In life there are really only two groups of people: victors or victims. We can become victims of sin and it can become victims of very tumultuous and imperfect world. Or we can choose victory in Jesus Christ. There is really no middle ground. To achieve that victory, prayer is extremely important. As G. Campbell points out how crucial prayer is; it must basically be your life. Here are the four ways prayer can deliver victory.

Tapping into God’s Mind

It’s easy to feel lost in this world. You get so many signals and messages from many different sources that some can lose their way. You’d be surprised that many people find themselves living their lives and at the end of the process realized that they feel it was all meaningless. Given that this is how life plays out for some of us, it’s very important to pray so you can tap into God’s mind. When you’re able to do this, you are able to get a sense of meaning and purpose. The world stops becoming this endless series of rituals that you do day in or day out. Instead, it develops a purpose. You can tap into this through prayer.

Plugging into God’s Power

Life can be very difficult because of temptation. We’re always being tempted to do the wrong things and if we keep falling into temptation again and again, we forget what temptation and sin are. When you pray, you actually plug into God’s power. By continuously praying, you get this power that will enable you to lead a holy life and you are able to get the power that you need to resist temptation

Aligning Your Life with God’s Will

There is really only one purpose in life and that purpose is to live your life according to God’s will, and submit to Him. If you seek God’s kingdom first, everything else makes sense. Everything else is added to you. unfortunately it’s very easy to pray and pray and all those prayers basically end up getting nowhere because we are focused solely on what we need and what’s important to us. When we pray, we discover what God’s will is and more importantly we tap into the power to align our lives with God’s will.

Letting God’s Unstoppable Power Flow through You

God’s power is unstoppable. It’s like a river that continues to flow, and when you pray, you tap into that power. Not to do what you will, to solve your problems, or to get what you want, but to do what God wants.


Prayer can deliver victory. By tapping into God’s mind, unleashing his power into our lives, and clearly identifying his will in our lives, we can achieve the life of victors. There’s only two ways out of life: victory or eternal death. It is your choice.