Francis Fenelon Quote – Prayer

“Time spent in prayer is never wasted.”

– Francis Fenelon

Francis Fenelon Prayer Quote Commentary

Time is money. How many times have you heard that before? In this day and age, we are so busy and we have such tight schedules because our whole world, it seems, turns on that saying. This is why it’s not unusual for many Christians to get tempted into thinking that time spent on prayer may be better spent doing something else. At the very least, it is tempting to think that instead of spending time in prayer, maybe we should be working to change the very things we’re praying about. While this makes sense in the eyes of the world, this thinking completely misses the point about prayer.

Strengthening our personal relationship with God

Above all else, prayer is all about strengthening our personal relationship with our Creator. Let’s put it this way, you can’t really say you love somebody if you don’t at least reach out to that person and call that person, right? How can we say we love Jesus when we don’t take the time to talk to Him directly? Prayer is all about talking to God directly. Prayer is all about opening our hearts, setting aside all other priorities, and making God our priority. This, and reading God’s word, is crucial to strengthening our walk with him. Getting in touch with God is never a waste of time.

Getting guidance and strength through prayer

Besides taking refuge in God’s peace through prayer, prayer also gives us the opportunity to clear up the clutter of our mind and let God’s guidance come through. As God himself said in his Word, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ When we pray, we still our minds. Instead of focusing on our problems, our schedules, our concerns, we turn our eyes and attention to Him. He becomes the center of our attention. He becomes our focus. When we do this, we don’t waste time. Instead of an empty exercise that produces nothing, things become clearer in our mind. We give God’s guidance a chance to enter our minds and seep into our hearts. Instead of feeling worn down, we become emboldened. We regain our strength. Through prayer, things become possible again. We clean out our worries and God replaces it with hope. All through the blessing of prayer. Are you ready to talk to God today and claim His power and peace in your life? Prayer doesn’t just reconnect us to God, it also empowers and fills us with calm.

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