Francis Chan Quote – 4 Ways Faith Helps You Achieve the Impossible

“But God doesn’t call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn’t come through.”

– Francis Chan

Devotional: 4 Ways Faith Helps You Achieve the Impossible

That’s a very deep and profound description of faith and it really all boils down to your trust in God. You have to trust that God will catch you and be there for you. If you are able to trust in Him, you’re able to achieve the impossible. He calls us to put ourselves in situations that the world would say is crazy but through faith we are able to pull through. In other words God is calling us to test possibility.
Here are four faith can help you achieve the impossible.

You See With God’s Sense of Possibility

What is the difference between successful people that are able to create new products and new worlds out of thin air and the people that seem to never achieve anything? Successful people able to see things that other people weren’t able to because they have a sense of possibility? How much more can things be possible in your life if you allow faith to enter your life? All sorts of things that you thought were not possible would be possible if you see with God’s sense of possibility. The secret to this of course is to step out of faith and let God lead you by the hand.

Your Passion Can be On Fire due to God’s Assurance

A life without passion is really a life not worth living at all. You need to have passion. Unfortunately, it’s very easy for Christian to live without passion or even look at life as basically this drab, boring process. Well, if you stepped out of faith more often, you can let a renewed sense of passion motivate you and you can only tap into this level of passion when you trust in God’s assurances. When you trust and lean back in faith in the many decisions that you are going to be making and believe that God will catch you, you can find that passion that will push you forward.

Your Trust in God Pushes You over the Long Haul

Life is a marathon, it’s never a sprint. In many cases we can feel tired and question why it’s taking so long so what the point. But when you trust in God to give you the strength, faith can push you forward. It pushes you through situations that seem meaningless, impossible, and painful. It helps you get though the valleys so you can see the majesty of God’s creation when you reach the mountain peak.

Each Failure You Meet Doesn’t Discourage You

When you have faith you are able to achieve the impossible because each failure you meet along the way to success fails to discourage you. You draw into this unlimited reserve of power and you are able to keep pushing forward, keep trying, and keep hoping for the next day.


Faith can help you achieve the impossible. The whole world is feeling stuck and feeling limited because they’re so focused on what is possible. But keep in mind that with God nothing is impossible. The way to unlock this promise is to place your faith in Jesus Christ.