Francis Chan Quote – 4 Facts About Love You Need to Remember

“We are here to love. Not much else matters.”

– Francis Chan

Devotional: 4 Facts About Love You Need to Remember

The Bible is clear ‘God is love’. Unfortunately, many Christians forget this. Many Christians often come across other fellow believers and project that God is anything but love. In many cases, believers in Christ think that He will only love them if they do certain things or Christ only blesses those who deserve to be blessed. These ideas go against the core of the Bible, which is, God is love and God’s grace is free. Salvation is a free gift from God. We really need to keep coming back to these truths otherwise we become lost and start mistaking God for a bully. Here are four facts about love you need to remember.

Love Takes Many Forms

It’s easy to look for love in the forms that make us feel good or in what we’re accustomed to. If we truly know and understand God’s love, we should be open to the idea that love takes many forms. In many cases, love is very challenging and knocks us off our thrown and really forces us to go through serious character changes so we can fully understand. Above all else, since God is love, love is not a cartoon. It’s not some simple formula that we completely get just as long as we get the equation. No, it doesn’t work that way. In many cases, it’s challenging and a lifelong learning.

Real Love is Never Self Seeking

Most people say the word “love” they usually look at it from their perspective and usually position love as how it benefits them. While this is true to some extent, love is more than that. In fact, the real essence of love is that it is never self seeking. It’s always flowing outside, to other people, and into the world. Always giving and giving and giving. It never gets tired.

All Real Love Comes from God

If you look at the definition of love in first Corinthians you will realize that love is actually not humanly possible. Humble love, meek love, and a love that is always seeking others, or a love that doesn’t look to be validated or seek anything in return. That kind of love is impossible and this should be the most humbling fact about love that we really need to wrap our minds around. The reality is that all real love can only come from God because he is the only entity capable of that kind of love and the good news is that we can tap into that freely because he gives love freely.

Real Love Casts out Fear

People often act in unpleasant ways because they are operating out of the fear. When we act out of fear the very worst of us comes out. It’s very hard to love when we are filled with fear. The good news is we only need to appeal to God and let his love cast out our fear.


If you want more love in your life, keep the four facts above in mind. The Bible is clear about them. You only need to reach out in faith because that freely gives us love.

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