Francis Chan Quote – 3 Things to Keep in Mind about God’s Role in Your Life

“Worry implies that we don’t quite trust God is big enough, powerful enough, or loving enough to take care of what’s happening in our lives. “

– Francis Chan

Devotional: 3 Things to Keep in Mind about God’s Role in Your Life

We live in an uncertain, fallen, and fast-changing world. It’s easy to feel so small that we fall between the cracks and feel that we don’t matter all that much. This is precisely what The enemy wants you to think. God can have a role in your life if you let Him. Keep the following in mind when thinking about God’s place in your life.

God can Give You the Power to Confront Life

Too many Christians live life by ducking it. They know they have addictions, habits, and mindsets that hold them back from living to their fullest potential but they’d rather withdraw to their comfort zones. Nothing’s going to change if this is how you think. Put it this way, if you bury your head in the sand, it’s not going to make your problems go away. Abide in God and seek His strength. Draw power from Him to stare your challenges in the face. Your problems might not immediately go away but at least, with God’s strength and encouragement, you’re dealing with them head on.

Abiding in Christ Gives You the Proper Perspective

The main reason our problems seem so big and insurmountable is we lose perspective. We dwell on our problems and so they just keep growing. Instead of dwelling on your problems, focus instead on God and how He wants to prosper you and not harm you. Focus on His deep abiding love for you. When your mental and emotional image of God grows, everything else shrinks. Try it. See how much more manageable and less emotionally imposing your problems become when you turn your eyes to Jesus and stop dwelling on your challenges.

You May not Know the Reason Why Things Happen but You can Trust in God’s Love

Life is a test of faith. Are you going to rely on your ability to make sense of your life or are you going to trust that God intends only the best for you? If you try to make sense of things on your own, you might lose heart. Life can be random and seemingly meaningless if we were to try to make sense of it with human reason. Thankfully, we have an alternative. We can live our lives in faith. This means accepting the fact that you may not know the reasons why things play out the way they do but you trust that God intends the very best for you and will make everything work out for the best…in the end.

Closing Thoughts

Life is uncertain and it is very easy to be overwhelmed and start to question things. This happens when we let our problems get bigger than our God by shifting our focus to the world. By living in the world with a focus on God, you can get Jesus’ power to overcome the world and whatever challenges it brings your way. Are you ready to claim this power today? Are you ready to accept the fact that your God is bigger than your problems?

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