F.B. Meyer Quote – 4 Things to Trust to God, for Peace in Your Life

“As we pour out our bitterness, God pours in his peace.”

– F.B. Meyer

4 Things to Trust to God, for Peace in Your Life

Do you have any people in your life you have tough time forgiving? Has somebody done something to you in the past that still makes you upset when you think about it or when you remember it? Do you sometimes find yourself going through your day and something triggers a bad memory and you just can’t help but feel upset? If you answered yes to any of these, you are dealing with something or someone you can’t fully let go of. You’re dealing with personal bitterness.

The worst part of all of this is that it’s only beating you up. Holding that grudge or refusing to forgive that person doesn’t harm that person, but it does prevent you from being happy in the here and now. The good news is that you can wipe out your personal bitterness by doing only one thing – trusting in God.

If you’ve been walking around all these years with anger and resentment towards a person in your past or fear regarding a particular traumatic incident from your past, you have to remember that God can give you the peace that you’ve been looking for. However, for this to happen, you have to really wrap your mind around this key concept: for God to increase in your life, your ego, your unforgiveness, and your hurts need to decrease. It really is that simple. Here are 4 things in your life to trust to God today, that will help bring peace to your life

Trust that God wants you to be happy

The Bible is full of promises. One of my favorite promises is in Jeremiah where God said that He only wants to prosper us. He wants to only do good to us. He has the best plans for us. Indeed, Jesus Himself said that He had come so that we can live life abundantly. Trust in this promise, that God doesn’t want you to be miserable and that He wants you to feel happy.

Trust that He will replace what was lost with something better

Maybe the past hurt that you’re struggling with involved a loss. Maybe it involved somebody taking something from you. Now that you have Jesus in your heart, trust that God will replace whatever was lost. Just as God replenished Job after everything Job was wiped out, God can replace whatever you lost with something bigger and better.

Trust that He will heal your wounds

The God we serve is a God of miracles. Never underestimate His power to heal. Just as He was able to heal blind people, He can help heal your invisible wounds. You only need to trust Him. You only need to believe that He has the power to do this.

Trust that He will restore you

It’s one thing to say that you believe in Jesus Christ, it’s another to allow Him to work His healing power in your life. But both have to go hand in hand. It doesn’t do Jesus any good for people to accept Him, but then block Him from helping them with their mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds. You have to let it happen. You have to give Jesus permission by trusting Him to restore you to where you were before.


Make no mistake about it, faith can never work without trust. You have to have trust in Jesus. You can’t say you love Jesus Christ if you don’t trust Him. This means giving Him full permission to give you the power to let go of the things that hurt you so much in the past and to let go of the things that cut you deeply in the past. Since you are dealing with the same power that spoke the universe into existence, surely you can trust that Jesus has the power to fully heal you you.

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