D.L. Moody Quote – 5 Ways to See With God’s Eyes Of Faith

“David was the last one we would have chosen to fight the giant, but he was chosen of God.”

– D.L. Moody

Devotional: 5 Ways to See With God’s Eyes Of Faith

The Bible is explicit that God’s ways are distinct from our ways. We will never understand God based on a human perspective. It would be like trying to put an entire ocean into a hole you have dug out in the beach. It is impossible. We have to keep this in mind because by looking at faith and living a life of faith solely from human point of view, we invariably meet challenges. However, these give us the opportunity to see the world not with our own eyes, but exceed our limitations and see it through God’s eyes. This is the core of the message of D.L. Moody’s quote. Life can sometimes be rough. On the contrary, it can also be less challenging if we allow ourselves to see with God’s eyes of faith.

The following are five ways to see in such a manner:

Look Beyond Limitations

When Samuel came to the David and his family because God told him to choose a new King, Samuel was working with his very own pair of eyes. He went to confront his strongest son, who was unquestionably big and very able-bodied thinking that it was this son whom God had chosen. Surprisingly, God chose his youngest son David, who was rather small in terms of size and strength. From a human perspective, David was so limited because of his size.

Look Beyond Reputation

If you look at the bloodline of Jesus, you will be surprised. There are kings, of course, but there’s one who is a prostitute, another one who is an adulterer, and a third one who is an immigrant. In almost all kinds of societies, prostitutes, partners who cheat on their spouses, and strangers normally aren’t given much regard or respect. Their reputation is questionable. Only God sees the goodness and the potential in us that if we try to look at the world with God’s eyes of faith, we need to ignore reputation. Remember that among the people who gathered around Jesus while he was on earth working on His ministry, many were prostitutes and tax collectors. God looked at these people in His own way. If we have faith, we can certainly do the same.

Look Beyond People’s Pasts

Jesus did not use things about Mary Magdalene’s past against her. Take note that your sins do not necessarily define you. God looks at you in a fashion that the bad things about you are separated from the good ones. This is the essence of love. Human beings are not capable of doing that because of our concept about stigma, that if a person has ruined his own reputation, then that concept about him taints his personality for life. But as true Christians, we have to look at each other with God’s eyes of faith. Meaning, we should see them as separate from their sins. Because God loves them so much, we follow what God does.

Look Beyond Probability, Logic, or Reason

Had Peter been a normal logical and probability-driven person, he wouldn’t have gotten out into the water when he saw Jesus walking on the waves. It would have been such a stupid and unreasonable thing to do. But since Peter had God’s eyes of faith, he got out of the boat and started walking like Jesus did. But as he, little-by-little, came back to his normal senses, he started to sink. Please remember that with faith, everything can be achieved. As the famous words of Jesus go, “Even if your faith is only as big as a mustard seed, you still can be capable of letting the mountains jump into the sea.” Look way beyond probability, logic, and reason if you want to see the world with God’s eyes of faith.

Look With God’s Purpose

The prime reason for our existence here on earth points to only one thing: God’s character. Together, we need to move our way towards salvation. But the main essence of why we were created is attributed to God’s character. It all began when Lucifer turned into evil accusing God with all sorts of things. Subsequently, the whole story began to unfold, starting from the creation up to the revelation of the gospel, and so on and so forth. Throughout the entire series of events, only one was regarded to be the central core of them all, which was to know God’s true character. If we look at the world with that purpose in mind, everything will get reconciled, every problem resolved, questions will have answers, the confused gets to understand, and things previously in chaos fall into place.


So whenever you feel hopeless and without direction, always look at the world with God’s eyes of faith and focus on His purpose. You’ll be surprised; everything will suddenly become sensible.

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