D.A. Carson Quote – 5 Reasons Why Heaven is Worth It

“The kingdom of heaven is worth infinitely more than the cost of discipleship, and those who know where the treasure lies joyfully abandon everything else to secure it.”

– D.A. Carson

Devotional:5 Reasons Why Heaven is Worth It

In this world full of challenges and trials, heaven can sometimes feel like a treasure treasure that’s just so far away that it’s really impractical to think about it. Well if you look at the fact that we’re only here in this planet for a very fixed period of time and we’re all going to die, then it should bring everything into perspective. You only have about 100 years to live, at most. After that, we will be living in God’s presence for eternity? This is the sentiment that animates this powerful quote on discipleship from D. A. Carson. Here are the five reasons why heaven is worth the trials of discipleship.

There is No Fear in Heaven

One of the things that make life, is fear. As much as there is love in this world, there’s also fear. Unfortunately, most people are motivated by it. And this is why there’s just so much trouble and unhappiness in this world. The good news is there is no fear in heaven and that fact alone makes heaven worth it. There is no fear in heaven because there is no death in heaven.

You Are Complete in Heaven

In this world, we’re always becoming more, because we’re all incomplete. We feel that once we achieve a certain goal, we would be happy. But once we are almost close to achieving that, then we move the goalpost and say that if we achieve something else we would be happy. There’ really no end to the process. We’re always in the process of becoming something else. You can say goodbye to all of that in heaven because you are complete in heaven. There’s no need to be something else because there’s nothing to prove in heaven.

Heaven Brings True Peace

Because there is no fear or death in heaven, there’s nothing to prove there, and so heaven can really bring you true peace. This sense of completion by being in God’s presence twenty-four hours in a day, seven days a week for all eternity can’t be the source of anything but real inner peace.

You’re in God’s Presence Forever in Heaven

God is really the unifying force in all of life. The reason why we look at the world as an imperfect world is because we can only appreciate one key aspect of it. It’s not united in our mind. Once you are in God’s presence, everything is united and has meaning. And this alone is worth the price of being in heaven.

Heaven Brings True Meaning

Even if God revealed everything to you today, your mind can’t handle it. Our existence in our imperfect world just can’t handle real meaning and real purpose. When we are in heaven however, in our heavenly bodies and in God’s eternal presence we can understand true meaning.


Heaven is not this carrot that God holds up in our face to motivate us to be good. Heaven is real because it answers these questions that living on earth cannot answer. Keep the reasons above in mind so you can have a full understanding of why heaven is worth it.

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