Chuck Swindoll Quote – King of Heaven

“A teardrop on earth summons the King of Heaven.”

– Chuck Swindoll


When we look up at the sky, it is too easy to feel small. Indeed, if we look past our solar system and our galaxy, it is too easy to feel that we are inconsequential. Considering all the other things going on in the universe, who really cares about what is going on in our lives? Who really cares about the challenges we are going through and the pain, doubt, and tribulations that mark our lives? Well, God does. In fact, we only need to look at the cross to see the extent he will go to help us. We only need to think about Christ on the cross to realize how much God cares about us. God hears and he makes provisions

God Hears Us

God saw the ravages of sin and the damage our rebellion has done on our planet, our bodies, our relationships, and all other creatures. All the pain, disappointment, fear, anger, wrath, and death rang out much like the cries of the enslaved Israelites wafted out of Egypt. God heard. And he gave the biggest provision any one can ever think of. He gave himself up-in the form of Christ-for our sins. He gave himself up as the ultimate sacrifice so we can be saved from all our self-inflicted pain and suffering. That’s how important we are to God. Far from being an insignificant speck lost in the vast, impersonal, and unthinking random swirl of cosmic dust, God knows all of us and cares about each and every one of us. That’s how vast and all-encompassing He is. That also shows how powerful he is-he is able to see all of us go through our lives and touch us in our lives if we let him.

Always remember that God cares

next time you feel stressed, pained, and you find yourself tempted to despair, pray and tap into God’s mind. Say Hello to your creator and immerse yourself in his peace. Say your piece and sink back down to listen. Let the silence surround you and give you peace. Be still and know that God is the Lord and surely you will feel his message enter your heart. Slowly, you’ll let yourself perceive his stirrings and everything will be clear. God has all the answers. Isn’t it about time you gave yourself permission to listen fully to Him? It takes faith to do this. This is a test. We are too addicted to listening to our own internal chatter. We need to disregard our need to talk over God and let Him do the talking. Be prepared to be amazed and blown away.

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