Chip Ingram Quote – Three Ways Believing and Working in Faith Produce Daily Bread

“God gives us the ingredients for our daily bread, but he expects us to do the baking!”

– Chip Ingram

Three Ways Believing and Working in Faith Produce Daily Bread

Chip Ingram’s powerful quote sums up a key part of the Bible: James’ admonition that faith without works is dead. Don’t ever forget that God has laid out a feast for you. You only need to claim that feast to enjoy the blessings you have coming your way. This is your daily bread. Unfortunately, people forget that faith is necessary to claim that feast. Real faith, as James wrote, produces changes in the lives of believers. Faith changes us from within which leads to changes in our actions. Our changed actions lead to changes in our livelihoods, our material well being, and our enjoyment of life. And it all begins with faith. You have to have faith first. Here are the three ways faith and works combine to produce daily bread.

God lays out the opportunities, we still have to unlock them

The Quakers have an old saying: when you pray, make sure your feet are moving. Simply praying for providence isn’t enough. The miracle is in the actions of people after they pray. The Israelites prayed for food and were blessed with manna when they stepped out in faith in the desert. The material fruits of grace come to those who let grace touch their hearts enough to change their behavior. Simply praying for a job isn’t going to do much because the job God has lined up for you requires that you research it, apply for it, and get interviewed for it. Simply praying to God and hoping that blessings will rush forth from heaven with no effort in your part isn’t real faith. Real faith puts trust in God first and lets that trust move one’s feet and hands towards the desired goal.

God gave us the ingredients, we need to bake in faith

If you are looking for a job or looking to provide for others, you already have God’s blessings. How? Your intelligence, your capacity to work hard, your ability to learn, these are all part of the ingredients God gave you. You only need to trust in him and have faith in him to have the energy and focus needed to turn these ingredients into what you’re looking for-the job you want.

Your actions are changed by your faith

As the bible teaches again and again, when people have faith in God and choose to trust him, great things happen. The biggest example is, of course, Abraham. God told him to travel to a far away land. Abraham trusted and acted. God has laid out a great feast of blessings for him-Abraham will be the father of countless descendants. Abraham only needed to step out to claim this free gift courtesy of God’s grace. God’s graciousness is overflowing. He has abundance and blessings ready for you. Are you ready to let your actions reflect your faith in Him?

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