Charles Stanley Quote – Footprints of Jesus

“As you walk through the valley of the unknown, you will find the footprints of Jesus both in front of you and beside you.”

– Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley Walking with Jesus Quote Commentary

It is too easy to say that we walk with Jesus. It is too easy to walk with Jesus when times are going great. It feels great inside to think about walking with our Savior when there’s no sickness, no financial stress, no oppression in our lives. How quickly our walk becomes strained when challenges come our way. Honestly speaking, doubts and even blame enter our hearts when these unfortunate events come our way. We waver. We look for someone to blame. We feel lost. We don’t feel in control. It is precisely during these times, and not the good times that came before, that we truly begin to walk with Jesus.

Waking with Christ takes trust

It takes faith. It is easy to have faith when things are going well. It isn’t so easy when things are falling apart. It is precisely during these times that we have to find our legs and keep walking with Jesus. It would be too easy to break down, get down on our knees, or even fall flat on our backs and refuse to get back up due to despair. But if we truly are friends with Christ, we need to put one wobbly leg in front of the other and keep walking.

Abide in his strength

Life is a daily walk with Christ. There are going to be many challenges that try to knock us off our stride. There are many temptations that will try to make us veer off course. Regardless, we need to keep pushing forward. The bad news is that our wobbly legs will feel like they were made out of lead as the challenges pile on. Indeed, with each new challenge, we find it harder and harder to put our foot out. In many cases, we just want to stay behind and stop walking. This is precisely where the blessing comes in. When we feel this, we need to choose to trust. We need to completely set aside all pride and reliance on self and completely trust. This is the moment of trust. There is no truth when you’re strong and everything is going your way. It is too easy to say you love Jesus during those times. However, when everything is going against you and everything is falling apart is precisely when your faith can soar. By choosing to trust and hanging on to Christ as he moves forward and carries your weight, you begin to find your strength. Eventually, relying only on Him, you find your legs again and you begin to race forward-even dancing at some points in our journey with Jesus. Don’t let the hard times get to you. Instead, welcome them for the blessings they truly are because they are opportunities for deepening your trust in and love for Christ. Are you ready to step forward in faith today?

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