Charles Spurgeon Quote – Doubt Kills but Faith Delivers Personal Resurrection

“Doubt discovers difficulties which it never solves; it creates hesitancy, despondency, despair. Its progress is the decay of comfort, the death of peace. “Believe!” is the word which speaks life into a man, but doubt nails down his coffin.”

– Charles Spurgeon

Devotional: Doubt Kills but Faith Delivers Personal Resurrection

Usually, when Christians talk about the resurrection, they talk about Jesus conquering death. While this is true, the concept of resurrection actually cuts closer to home. Whenever you are swallowed up by doubt, you are given an opportunity to let your faith deliver a personal kind of resurrection.

Pastor Spurgeon is basically saying that faith delivers a personal kind of resurrection. Doubt kills you, but faith brings you back to life.

We tend to lose the image of God we all have inside us when we resign ourselves to the world. We have to remember that whatever security the world offers you is temporary. It’s not going to withstand the test of time. Talk about a limited existence.

It is as if you’ve died before you’ve even had the opportunity to die yet. On the other hand, choosing to believe brings life back to your personal journey on this earth. It truly brings you back to life because it gives you a sense of meaning. It explains everything.

#1: All things become new

According to second Corinthians, when we accept Jesus as our lord and savior we become born again; we become new creatures. Old things have passed away and we have become new people. When you exercise faith, you tap into this power. All the things that used to not make any sense, and made you depressed or frustrated now take on a new meaning. You now see them in a new light. It’s as if you’ve come back from the dead because instead of emptiness, lack of control, desperation, you see only joy and meaning. All this happens because you look at your life with the eyes of Jesus Christ.

#2: You get a new sense of urgency

It’s easy to live life where each day pretty much blurs into another day. When you live in faith, every single moment has a sense of urgency because every single moment is dedicated to something higher and more meaningful than yourself. You are living for Jesus Christ. You now feel the vibrancy and life of every single moment.

#3: You understand the real meaning of your existence

Life is not about us. Life is about something else; life is about something higher than us. When we construct our meaning based on who we are, what we can get, or what we need, it really becomes a race to the bottom because we have this unquenchable appetite for stuff and we just throw stuff and relationships into our life and it’s never enough.

When you instead have faith in Jesus Christ and you live a life of faith you understand the real meaning of your existence. The real reason why you’re on this planet is not because of your needs and wants. It’s because you were created to honor and give glory to God. Understanding this makes every single passing moment meaningful and substantial. It is no longer a race to the bottom.

#4: Your connection to the infinite brings real joy

When you feel there is something out there that existed before time, it gives meaning to everything and you can’t help but feel complete. A sense of completion really brings joy and happiness. There are no more holes in your life, no more inadequacies, and no more insecurity.

#5: You live for something bigger than yourself

When you only live for yourself, it’s very easy to become petty and unforgiving. Why? People eventually screw up and you end up with a list of grievances of the wrong things people did to you. When you start living for something bigger than yourself, the first thing you sense about yourself is you’re more forgiving because it’s no longer about you. It’s about God By placing your ego in Jesus’ hands you’re more forgiving, there’s no more bitterness in your life, and life can truly be joyful.


Faith delivers personal resurrection. Faith brings us back from the bottomless pit of living for the world and living for ourselves.

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