C. S. Lewis Quote – When I Was an Atheist

“Now that I am a Christian I do not have moods in which the whole thing looks very improbable: but when I was an atheist I had moods in which Christianity looked terribly probable.”

– C.S.Lewis

Having eyes of faith turns the improbable into the probable

One of the biggest challenges we human have to face daily is the fact that it is too tempting to focus solely on what is. It is too easy to look at what we have and what circumstances currently exist and think that this is all we have to work with. It is, therefore, too easy to feel limited. It is too easy to feel that everything is already take and that the past is way behind us. The good news is that this is not true. Indeed, history is filled with the stories of visionaries who looked at empty spaces and saw grand cities. These visionaries looked at a blank sheet of paper and saw gadgets that have never existed. They looked at problems and only saw solutions. These people have eyes of faith. You can have eyes of faith too.

Look at you life the way God looks at it

It is too easy to think that our problems are bigger than our God and savior. It truly is. From being hit by wave after wave of bills to angry calls from your landlord, it is too easy to think that this is the end of the line and that you have no options left. The truth is that if you have faith, as Jesus said-faith the size of a mustard seed-your problems will start appearing what they truly are-nothing. People who are able to invent new amazing products when previously there was nothing have faith in their visions. You can get this power to. You can only choose to believe in God’s promises. As God has said in his word, the Bible, his words don’t come back to him void. In other words, when God promises something in the Bible, we only need to claim it and believe it and ti will come true. As long as we claim promises in our lives that put forward His will, God will pull through. God will make it happen. Are you ready to find this out by yourself?

Faith makes the invisible visible

Anyone can dream. Anyone can look at the clouds and see all sorts of stuff. However, to make the things that we dream and think about into cold hard reality that we can see, smell, touch, hear, and taste, we need to have faith. Faith can make the unseen seen. Are you ready to trust God to turn your visions into reality today? Are you ready to let his power surge through you so you can do whatever needs to be done for whatever it takes to turn your dreams into reality?