C.S. Lewis Quote – 5 Things God is Writing for Your Life

“History is a story written by the finger of God.”

– C.S. Lewis

Devotional: 5 Things God is Writing for Your Life

This is a very reassuring quote because in this day and age, it’s easy to feel that you’re a small fish swimming in the vast ocean of history. It’s easy to feel that whatever you do, whatever your dreams are, or whatever you’ve achieved in your life doesn’t mean much in the big scheme of things.

The truth is everyone plays a role in God’s plan. Your life and your destiny are not accidents. Here are just some of the things God is writing for your life:

Your life shows God’s grace

A real relationship with Jesus Christ means a rebirth. It means a realization that one is a sinner and one needs a savior. This means that you agree that there is something wrong with you and that Jesus is the solution. When you accept Jesus as your savior, He transforms you, changes how you look at things, and just as importantly, He changes how you act. That is a testimony to God’s transformative grace. In other words, your life is evidence of God’s grace. Since your life serves that higher purpose, your life is not meaningless.

Your life’s journey reminds others of God’s power

The church has never been intended to be a museum of saints and perfect people. If anything, the proper way to look at the church is that it’s a hospital. It is where people go when they are sick. We are all suffering from this sickness called sin. Just like with many sicknesses, sin leads to death. Your life’s journey from that of a sinner to a person who is saved and born again in Jesus Christ through the power of God’s grace reminds people around you of God’s ability to turn fallen and broken people into new creatures.

You are meant to discover God’s character in your life

There are many times in our lives when we doubt God, or ask, “Where is God?” When you go through these challenges, you are experiencing your personal journey to discovering God’s character. You have to remember having a relationship with anybody, much less with Jesus Christ, often involves ups and downs. Just as you go through the rocky roads with your girlfriend, husband, wife or boyfriend, you will have all these ups and downs in your walk and in your relationship with Jesus Christ. This is all about discovering God’s character in your life. This is a powerful witness to people around you because it shows that this relationship is real.

You were born to witness for the gospel

One sure fire way to feel that life is meaningless is to look at life really as all about you. If you’re going to live your life based on what you can get out of life and what you can get out of other people, we can easily feel that it doesn’t really have a point or like you are being run down by the wheels of history. However, when you realize that you were born to witness for the gospel, the sense of meaning changes the order of your life. It refocuses your life and it helps direct your energies and your attentions to something really worthwhile because at the end of the road, there is eternity.

You are meant to bear witness to God’s grace and goodness

Just as Jesus said that a great light should not be kept under a bushel, but put on a stand so that it can shine in the darkness, your life experience where you went from the darkness of sin to the light of God’s grace is meant to be out in the open. You’re meant to witness to others around you that whatever doubt, whatever frustrations, anxieties, or sense of meaningless that they’re feeling, they can overcome all that and achieve real healing through God’s grace and the goodness of Jesus Christ.


Keep the discussion above in mind whenever you feel that you’ve lost control of your life; whenever you feel that your life seems to be going nowhere. You have to remember that everything in your life happens for a reason. You’re in this planet because there is a plan for you being here.

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