Billy Sunday Quote – Failure

“More men fail through lack of purpose than lack of talent.”

– Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday Failure Quote Commentary

There’s an old saying that God doesn’t necessarily call the equipped but He sure does equip the called. The reason why this saying resonates with so many Christians is because God, time and time again, demonstrates that people who succeed in life don’t often start with all the advantages. In many cases, people who end up scaling the highest heights of professional, financial, and personal heights started out with severe disadvantages. Many have had bad childhoods. Many were knee-deep in debt. Others were abandoned. Others had addictions. Even others had low self-esteem. Regardless, God takes people who the world would often consider less than equipped and grants them his Grace. With grace, those called get motivated and things happen. That’s how it works. It isn’t how much you were born with or how many advantages you have starting. What matters is you start the race and you trust. That’s all. God will take care of the rest.

Get motivated to start and trust

Great business empires never get built when people simply lay back and think about how nice their lives could be if they can do certain things or if certain things happened to them. Anyone can do this. In fact, everyone, at some point in time, does this. But what separates people who end up climbing the peaks of their lives and truly live their lives to the fullest and those who are content to sit back is motivation. The key to personal, spiritual, emotional, and relational success (and success in all its forms, for that matter) is to get motivated, decide, and start. That’s all. Get excited enough about your dreams that you decide to do it. Get started and trust God. Of course, you need to keep your feet moving while you pray. Simply praying and hoping that things will fall in to place is not much of a strategy. Instead, lay out a clear and solid plan of action. Put your trust in God and let his grace flow through you so you can get the energy you need to keep going.

Success takes trust, stamina, and perseverance

Success takes trust. Success takes stamina and perseverance. Every day brings its share of challenges. People who fail just give up and run out of steam. Those who succeed find an inner source of strength that allows them to continue, continuously make changes, and keep pushing forward to eventual success. Are you ready to claim the victory that God has in store for you? Are you ready to decide and trust today?

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