A.B. Simpson Quote – God’s Boundless Resources

“Our God has boundless resources. The only limit is in us. Our asking, our thinking, our praying are too small. Our expectations are too limited. ”

– A.B. Simpson

Commentary – A.B. Simpson Quote About God’s Endless Resources

How big is your God? This might seem like an unusual or weird question but it is the first question that naturally comes to mind when we look at how people approach their problems. In many cases, people think that their problems are bigger than God. We may find ourselves in such deep holes that we lose hope. We say that God can help us but our hearts betray our despair. We focus too much on the size of our problems and fail to realize that God is bigger than our problems. How big is God? Well, he created everything in six days. He healed the sick. He conquered death. He made storms calm down. He led people who believed in him to triumph against vast armies. That’s how God is.

Maybe God is too small in your life

If you are facing lots of challenges and nothing can’t seem to go right in your life, maybe it is due to you thinking, praying, and living like you have a small God. God is ready to bless you. Don’t for a minute forget this fundamental truth. The problem is, God blesses but we have to claim the blessing. We can’t claim our blessings and our victories if we sabotage ourselves. We do this when we doubt. We do this when we’re pessimistic. We do this when we fail to rejoice and thank God whenever we face problems and obstacles.

There is no limit to God

There is no beginning or end with God. God is both the Alpha and Omega of the universe. He was, is, and will always be. That’s how powerful God is. He is unlimited. So why do you think and act like your problems are so heavy, so oppressive, and so powerful that there is no solution. God is the solution. He already has your victory ready. Maybe this takes the form of him taking away your challenge. Maybe this takes the form of him transforming your character. Regardless, your victory is ready. Are you ready to claim it? Can you make yourself claim it? By trust in God more fully and submitting to him and letting his love overtake you, you can fully claim the great victories and blessings he has already laid out for you. Claim your bounty today. God only wants the best for his children. God only wants to prosper us. When we focus on the negative, we prevent ourselves from claiming his bounty. Are you ready to take yourself out of the way so God can fill your life with blessings today?

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