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5 Reasons Now Is The Time To Start Your Online Niche Business And How

5 Reasons Now Is The Time To Start Your Online Niche Business


We are living through unprecedented times and the ability to innovate is more important than ever! Remember that resilience, creativity, and hard work are always the keys to long-term success however, the rules that applied 30 days ago do not apply today! But, the good news is…there are strategies that can help you work through the crisis we are faced with today so you can start your own profitable online niche business. 

Every adversity carries with it an equal and greater opportunity! So look deep into this huge wave of Coronavirus caused issues and find what opportunities are out there to help and that will benefit others. Now is definitely the time to discover how to help others and serve them instead of having the “whoa is me” attitude and shutting down all efforts. Be proactive, a true entrepreneur sees opportunities, makes adjustments and prospers during adverse times. There are hidden within what seems like tough times opportunities to turn today’s struggle into tomorrow’s success. Folks are online more than ever and now is your chance to create an online niche business that offers a beneficial product, support or hope during these unprecedented times!

Why start an online niche business NOW? Because more people are:

  • Staying at home
  • Focused on the needs of their home and family
  • Spending more time learning and studying 
  • Spending more time on social media
  • Shopping online more than ever

So how do you get started? The number one key to a successful niche business is to identify or create products or services that solve a problem. During a crisis like we are experiencing with the Coronavirus outbreak, there are huge opportunities to solve problems and be a beacon of light to others!  

So now you may be thinking, how do I choose a profitable product or service? The best way to answer this is in two parts, (1) reflect on problems in your own life that you can improve or solve, (2) be passionate about your product or service. Being passionate about what you do will not only help carry you through hard times, but it will also help in creating a brand message that speaks to people in a way that is meaningful, authentic, and engaging. By emotionally investing in your niche, you can provide more value. Plus, having an emotional story will help you stand out from any competitors!

Okay so once you’ve identified a potential product or service that solves consumers’ problems and comes from a place of passion, now what? Now comes creating a brand and message that will be noticed in the very competitive ecommerce space. Truly understanding your target audience is the key to crafting a recognizable and memorable brand. Since your product or service solves a problem in your own life and you are passionate about it, this makes honing in on your target customer much easier, just think about how YOU would want to be approached regarding your solution and that’ll go a long way towards helping you reach customers. Ideally your brand should speak to your customers in a way that both resonates with them and compels them to come back.This builds loyalty and there is no better customer than a loyal customer!

You’ve picked a product and brand, now you’re ready to take your niche product to the online marketplace! Launching an ecommerce store can be a bit overwhelming, it’s not a walk in the park but don’t make it more difficult than it has to be! With the right tools and an organized plan, you’ll be on the right track towards success! 

Are you ready to get started?

Here are a couple tools we recommend for you to use to get started with your new online niche business!

Mailerlite Mailerlite is the perfect all-in-one service for your new niche business! Originally it was a contact management application but they have added tons of new features such as a website and landing page builder, embedded forms, as well as subscriber management and tracking. Mailerlite can definitely help get your new niche business off to a quick and great start!

Christian Book Academy Christian Book Academy is an excellent resource for aspiring authors! They provide you with a clear, step-by-step publishing roadmap that is simple and concise that will help you write and publish your book. They help eliminate all the fears and complexities that come with publishing a book. Christian Book Academy would be our recommendation for anyone wanting to publish a book. Now that many of us are homebound, it seems like a perfect opportunity to write that book or resource you’ve always wanted to write about but never seemed to have the time.  If you decide to write a book or ebook, don’t forget about Book Brush! Book Brush is a powerful and oh so fast and simple cover and social media post creator for authors! Book Brush is a must for authors and their first level of membership is FREE! Try it out today and check out all that it can do to create your perfect book cover!

Stay positive, have faith, keep a solution-seeking mindset, and leverage some of these ways to prosper during the Coronavirus pandemic!


Note: Some of the links we provide in this article are affiliate links. What that means is that when you click on them we are compensated a portion of what you purchase. However, there are 2 very important items to note here. 1.) You are not charged more for these products. Our commission comes out of the profits of the companies you purchase from. 2.) Our recommendations are based 100% from our experience and not based on the fact that we get paid from them.


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