A.B. Simpson Quote – Four Practical Benefits of Prayer

“Prayer is the link that connects us with God.”

– A.B. Simpson

Four Practical Benefits of Prayer

Let’s face it, life can get very chaotic and uncertain. There are just so many things going on and it’s easy to get in over our heads. The good news is that prayer is an antidote to all of that.

Prayer provides a spiritual link that can be the lifeline that gives us the strength and the will to always do what’s right and meaningful. Prayer is an important exercise and it also delivers practical benefits in our everyday lives. Here are the top four practical benefits of prayer.

Practical benefit of prayer 1: Prayer gives you focus

When you pray, by necessity you are then focusing on that one thing. It may be a bible scripture that you just read, the emotional state you are in, prayer requests by friends and family, or important things in your life you need help with. When you are talking to Jesus, you focus on the truth behind Jesus’ words. Regardless, your mind is focused. This is a powerful benefit because it’s very easy to lose focus in our modern world. There’s just so many things competing for our attention.

It is no surprise that a lot of people have a tough time setting goals and doing the work needed to achieve those goals because they easily lose focus. When you have a strong prayer life, you develop mental habits that allow you to identify a goal and keep focusing on it until.

Practical benefit of prayer 2: Prayer puts everything in perspective

Whatever curveball the world throws your way, it’s not the end the world. With the right mindset, everything falls into place and you can devote the right amount of energy to take care of business and get things done.

When you pray, everything is put in perspective because you are reminded that there is only one thing that matters, your relationship with Jesus Christ. Your friendship with God is what you will take to the grave with you. Everything else is put in proper perspective.

Practical benefit of prayer 3: Prayer relieves enough stress to recharge your effectiveness

Prayer can relieve enough stress so as to recharge your personal effectiveness. Nothing is more stress relieving than remembering why you were put on earth. You were put on earth to give glory and honor to God. You were put on earth to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. When you pray and you focus on that central truth, your focus is in on your ultimate meaning.

Accordingly, the amount of stress that you have regarding deadlines, regarding projects, regarding relationships die down. Keep things in perspective and reap the benefit of stress relief through prayer.

Practical benefit of prayer 4: Prayer gives you the inner peace you need

A clear and sober reading of the Bible reminds us that we are all going to die and no amount of money, fame, or status is going to save us from this reality. We cannot take our money, status, or fame with us. What we can take is our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Your relationship with Christ is the only thing that truly matters and when your prayers remind you of that ultimate truth, a deep abiding sense of peace will be placed over you. That can help you survive every single day’s crises, stress, and trauma so you can perform at your peak effectiveness.


Prayer is not just a spiritual exercise. If you want to improve your performance at school or work, or trying to deal with issues in your relationship, nothing beats prayer in yielding benefits that enable you to live a happier, more effective, and fulfilling life.

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