A.J. Gossip Quote – God is Always Giving

“God is like the sun at high noon, always giving all he has.”

– A.J. Gossip

A.J. Gossip God’s Giving Quote Commentary


It is too easy to think that we don’t need God. After all, we can always proudly ask ourselves, ‘Who bought that car in my garage?’ We can wonder who pays out mortgages month after month. We can ask who makes sure our credit card bills are taken care off. It’s easy to fall for the easy answer of ‘I made this happen.’ It is easy to think that it is all our hard work, planning, and focus that made it possible to put great food on the table, take one or more vacations every single year, and basically not feel like anything is missing in our lives. When we do this, we’re missing one very important detail. We overlook the ultimate source of all the things that are pleasing, good, and pure in our lives.

If we are honest with ourselves, truly honest and humble, we’d give all the glory to God. Don’t believe me? Let’s take your high-paying job for example. Did you know that there were many other people who applied for your job? Did you know that many of these people had a longer resume than you? Did you know that many of them graduated from better schools than you? Yet, it was you who emerged on top of that heap. It was you who got hired. Coincidence? Luck? Take the case of your projects at work or your business initiatives. Did you know that there are many other people out there with better planning skills and a lot more resources than you? Yet you were able to achieve what they could only dream of? Again, is this is all just luck or is this just because you are extremely skilled and driven? Remember, many of these other enterprises and individuals have a lot more drive, capital, and willpower than you. No. It’s not you. That may be hard to realize but you are living on grace.
If you were to push the ‘replay’ button on the biggest events in your life that made your lifestyle, your wealth, your comfortable circumstances possible, you’d realize, if you are completely honest, that you’re not more ‘deserving’ than other people who were competing for your blessings. You are where you are because of God’s grace. Without God’s will, the great things in your life would not have panned out. As God says in Deuteronomy, He gave us the ability to get income. He gave us the means. His grace carried us through. Make no mistake about it-no amount of planning, capital, focus, hard work, discipline, and will power will not make a plan work if it was not meant to be. Your life is the way it is because God meant it to be-due to his grace. Isn’t it time to open our hearts and say ‘Thank you’ to the one that shines his grace on us? Isn’t it time to recognize God’s abundant and inexhaustible love and grace and be transformed by them?

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