4 Truths About Happiness

“If you hope for happiness in the world, hope for it from God, and not from the world.”

– David Brainerd

Who doesn’t want happiness? Indeed, almost every book, ad, show, movie, even politician, you come across has a message that can inevitably be traced back to happiness. The world is always telling us how important it is to be happy. Unfortunately, it seems all the things the world offers up that are supposed to make us happy and content only leaves us dissatisfied, unfulfilled, frustrated, and yes, unhappy. Thankfully, you only need to open your Bible and sink to your knees in prayer to tap into a kind of happiness the world can never give. Here are four truths every follower of Christ should take refuge in.

True Happiness Only Comes from Christ

If happiness is defined as feeling complete and content permanently, then union with God is the answer. After all, He is the creator and unity with the Creator means you will never lack for anything else. You will feel complete. If you agree, then Christ is the only source of happiness because we can only come to the Father through Christ. Christ is the way, the truth, and the life.

Happiness can be Gained from Knowing God’s Plan

A lot of modern life’s unhappiness stems from the fact that we don’t know what’s coming next. We can take out all the insurance policies we want but all that insurance doesn’t bring true assurance or a sense of certainty. When we humble ourselves to God’s plan as revealed in the Bible, we can we truly access His plan for us. Since His plan is to never harm us but to prosper us, we can rest our minds on His plan.

Lasting Happiness can Only Come from Christ

The world’s entertainment and joys are very fleeting. One moment you’re alive and at the top of the world and your name is on everyone’s lips. The next, you’re dead, gone, forgotten, and just another speck of dust in the pile of dust at the bottom of history’s dustbin. If you want to be truly happy, place your happiness in your soon reunion with your Creator, Jesus. He is the Rock that stands forever. Let Him fall on you and crush your old reassurances and false self-confidence. He has a better and more lasting replacement.

Christian Happiness is not the Same as Worldly Happiness

Worldly happiness is all about external feedback. Happiness, according to the world, comes from outside. When that feedback ends, your happiness ends. See how frustrating this all is? The world won’t continuously be your oyster. There is always someone bigger, better, and faster out there. Basing your happiness on the fickle world is like trying to write your name on water. It’s futile. Christian happiness is all about looking forward to reuniting with Christ. We look forward to spending an eternity with him. This is the kind of happiness we can tap into regardless of how bad our circumstances are. It is a happiness that comes completely from within.

Prayer for Lasting Happiness

Lord, please send your Holy Spirit into my heart so my being can be filled with an inexhaustible core of happiness drawn from your relationship with me. Give me the wisdom to always draw on your comfort and to always seek balance in your comforting embrace, grace, and Truth. Amen.

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