4 Signs You’re Growing In Christ

“Sorrows and trials are not only like the sand and grit that polish a stone, but I shall be made to taste, through the trouble, what Christ is to me.”

– G.V. Wigram

Usually, when it comes to personal challenges, pain, loss, and difficulties, Christians seek to grown in Christ despite these. Well, the Bible is clear: one of our biggest projects, as Christians, is to fully submit ourselves to Christ. By humbling ourselves, we let His glory shine all the more so that through what holds us back, grinds us down, or crushes our spirit, we come out victorious with Christ. We grow in Christ because of problems, not despite them. This process highlights Christ, not our own power or sense of self. Here are just four signs that show you are growing in Christ because of your problems.

Every Loss Leads You to Trust in God More

Trusting in your own ways and plans often lead to either empty victories or loss and disappointment. When you let go of the steering wheel of your life and surrender it to Christ, you let the loss lead you to trust in God more. This changes your perspective and inner calm. Both of these lead to greater victories which you may have not expected. At the very least, they lead to outcomes you didn’t previously view as victories.

You Look Past the Disappointment to the Goal

Different Christians may have different plans, but we all share the same goal: spending eternity with Christ. When you reach a point in your personal walk with Christ where you tire of the shallow fleeting happiness of your plans and focus more on the ultimate goal Christ has for you, you let your disappointments enable you to grow in Christ.

Every Betrayal Highlights Your only True Friend

When you look past the hurt and pain you feel when your friends let you down or betray you, you are growing in Christ. In these situations, you find yourself in a position where you realize that there is only one friend on whom you can rely on. Like a solid rock, Jesus never changes with the times or weather. Realizing this and placing your faith in this gives you all the inner assurance you need.

The Harshness of the Pain You Feel Highlights the Eternity of God’s Love

If you suffer or suffered from a medical condition that involves lots of pain, discomfort, or inconvenience, you are given a tremendous opportunity. You have the chance to realize that bodily pain, even death, is temporary compared to the eternity of God’s love. Which should you wrap your mind around? Which of these should you focus on?

Closing Thoughts

I know it is very easy to say that we should use negative experiences to ‘polish’ and refine us. Believe me, I know. However, this is precisely the opportunity we should give ourselves if we are to grow in faith in Christ. If we take the leap, we realize He has the power to turn our thorns into flowers, our fears into comfort, and our pain into a beautiful witness to His power. Are you ready to take this opportunity today? What’s holding you back? Is it anything Jesus can’t handle?

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