4 Reasons To Take Risks For God

“It is better to make a thousand failures than to be too cowardly to ever undertake anything.”

– Clovis G. Chappell

The CEO of the Universe

Who has the greatest resources of any one that you know? Is it Warren Buffet or Bill Gates? It’s actually neither, because whatever they’ve received had been granted by God (1st Cor 4:7), so if you’re going to take risks for God, you can rest assured that if it’s what He wills, He will send provisions for it. If not, then it’s not His will.

Rewards for Risks

Great rewards come only to those who take great risks, and I’m not talking about the financial stock market. Those who risk for Christ will be rewarded by Christ. This might mean taking a risk at losing a friendship by telling your friend that they have the wrath of God on them unless they believe in Jesus Christ (John 3:36b). The greatest act of love is to be willing to offend someone in order that they might be saved. Isn’t their eternal soul worth it?

Cowards never Succeed

The person who is afraid to take any risks is like the unprofitable servant who buried their talent and was afraid to use it. That’s what the man said to Jesus but Christ rebukes him, saying “You wicked and slothful servant! You knew that I reap where I have not sown and gather where I scattered no seed? Then you ought to have invested my money with the bankers, and at my coming I should have received what was my own with interest” (Matt 25:26-27). Worse than defeat is the person who never tries.

Doors Stay Closed

If we never risk trying anything, we’ll never accomplish anything. How would you know if God’s opened a door for you unless you try to open it? The door that’s open is useless to those afraid to walk through it, so why not rattle a few doorknobs to see if God has opened a door for you. If not, you’ve lost nothing, but if you don’t even try, you’ve lost before you’ve even started.


Clovis G. Chappell, in saying, “It is better to make a thousand failures than to be too cowardly to ever undertake anything” is so true since God owns all that there is; that great rewards only come to those who take great risks. No coward ever achieved great things. That’s because he was afraid to try to even open it in the first place, so don’t let open doors pass you by, especially if you don’t even try to see if they’re open.