3 Fruits Of Conversion

“A man’s real belief is that which he lives by.”

– George Macdonald


When a person shared the faith with me, how could I not tell others? Someone told me about Christ, and I felt it was something that I must do too, although for a time I was a pew potato and was part of the “frozen chosen,” but then, I realized, I’ve been given the pearl of great price, and how can I not share it? People will die in their sins without Christ. The Apostle Paul said that he couldn’t help but preach the gospel (1st Cor 9:6), and Paul went so far as to say he wished himself accursed so that his fellow Jews could be saved (Rom 5:12-21). What else besides compassion would make Paul say such a thing?


Jesus said that if we loved Him we would keep His commandments, (John 14:15), and we will keep His Word. A person can say they love someone but if they never do anything for them, can you really call that love? Love is a verb…it is what you do more than what you say, so obedience is the fruit of the believer’s life, not that they are sinless, but they should sin less and less over time, never quite conquering sin, but beginning to overcome at least some sins.

Being the Body

Jesus is the Head of the Church and that makes us the Body, so we must do what the Head tells us to do, and that is clear in Matthew 25:34-49 where Jesus said we’re to help the poor, visit the sick and those in prison, and be kind to strangers. Jesus sees this as doing it to Him (Matt 25:40), so a man or woman’s belief wills show up in things like a nursing home ministry (James 1:27), a prison ministry, and an outreach for the poor. That is the fruit of conversion and it’s the same as doing it for Jesus….or not (Matt 25:41-45).


A person’s belief is not as much what they say but in the way that they live. What would they say about you and me at our funeral? Would they say, “Wow, he sure had a nice house” or “That woman was an expert in her field,” or…would they say Jesus was the most precious thing to him/her? The way you live today will determine your eulogy at the end.