3 Ways To Look At Prayer

“Work as if everything depended upon work and pray as if everything depended upon prayer.”

– William Booth

Work to be Working

William Booth was the founder of the Salvation Army, one of the greatest charities in the world, but this man was also one of the greatest soul winners in the world, but he also worked tirelessly for the Lord. To be praying doesn’t mean we stop working…in fact, we should be praying while we work and treat work as if everything depended on it, while believing that everything depends on prayer…and it does.

Pray while Working

Jesus was a Man of prayer and prayed so frequently that it’s no wonder that the disciples asked Him how to pray. On one occasion it says of Jesus, “he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God” (Luke 6:12), so Jesus never did anything in His earthly ministry that He didn’t first commit to prayer, but He also prayed while He did His ministry. We should follow the wisdom of that.

Work while Depending on Prayer

Elijah was a man of prayer and his prayers were certainly potent or powerful, but the power wasn’t his…it was God’s and that’s something important to remember. We must work as if everything depended on our work, but realizing that everything ultimately depends on prayer. The prayer of faith is great but the work of the faithful must accompany those prayers. God will hear and answer our prayers, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it all our might (Eccl 9:10).


William Booth was certainly a man of prayer but he was also a tireless worker for Christ. That’s why he said, “Work as if everything depended upon work and pray as if everything depended upon prayer.” We should work as hard as we can and yet pray while we work because everything depends on prayer.