3 Ways To Fly With Faith Over Your Fears

“A perfect faith would lift us absolutely above fear.”

– George Macdonald

Walking on Water

None of us have probably ever been successful walking on water, but the Apostle Peter was (Matt 14:29). Imagine that! Seeing Peter walk on water. What must the other disciples think about that? Were they willing to try it? No, only Peter did, but only for a time, because when he took his eyes off of Jesus, he wasn’t flying over the water anymore because the fear of drowning took over. Let’s not be too hard on Peter. He was brave enough to try it, and for a time, he actually walked on water and conquered his fear of drowning…at least for few moments.

The Object of our Faith

I believe our faith is only as strong as the object of our faith. For instance, I wouldn’t walk across the Grand Canyon on a bride made of toothpicks. My faith in toothpicks isn’t that strong, but our faith doesn’t rest on things but in a Person. Our faith is in Jesus Christ, and so our faith is not measured by how much we can work it up in ourselves, but how strong the Object of our Faith is, and that is faith in Christ the Solid Rock, because all other ground really is sinking sand.

Things not Seen

Jesus told Thomas that blessed are all those who believe in Jesus but have never seen Him (John 20:29). That’s us, isn’t it? The biblical definition of faith is given in Hebrews 11:1 where it says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” We have faith in a Jesus we’ve never seen but know exists and that Who we hope in…even though He is yet not seen. That won’t be forever my brothers and sisters, for we will not only be with God, we shall see God face to face (Rev 21:3; 22:4). All I can say is….wow!


I can’t wait to see Jesus. I’m sure you’re with me on that, and it is coming my friends. Just keep looking up and someday you’ll see the skies split open and the King of kings and Lord of lords will appear in all His splendorous glory. Think on that today and especially the next time you’re outside.