3 Reasons To Live In God’s Will

“The safest place in all the world is in the will of God.”

– Warren Wiersbe

It’s Safest

There is no safer place to be than in God’s will, so Mr. Wiersbe is correct in saying that he safest place in all the world is in the will of God. Even if there is danger, it’s still the safest place to be. What’s the worst thing that could happen…you could be obeying God and then be taken home, only to be present with the Lord? How is that bad? Dr. Charles Stanley often says that we should obey God and leave the consequences up to Him. That’s superb advice.

It’s Obedience

We are commanded in several places in the Bible to obey the revealed will of God. Abstaining from sexual immorality is obviously God’s will. Want to know what God’s will is? It’s not some secret hidden thing, but plainly revealed in Scripture, so here we can read, “this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality” (1st Thess 4:3). That’s very clear, isn’t it? No fogginess to it. As for God’s will for your life, that’s a lot harder to find, but He will never reveal more of His will for your life until you obey more of His will in the Bible.

It’s Best

You know that God, as a benevolent or generous Father, would never give us something that would hurt us, but even the bad things that God allows will work out for our best (Rom 8:28), so whatever you know to be the will of God, it is best to make it your will too. When our wills and God’s will clash, guess who gets hurt? There is great wisdom in follow God’s ways, even if we don’t understand it at the time. Just ask Abraham who must have wondered about sacrificing his son, Isaac. We know we can trust Him and that His will for our life is always for our very best.


It is always the best thing for us to live in God’s will and be obeying His will on a daily basis. Being in God’s will is the safest place to be, it’s the right place to be, and it’s the best place to be. God always knows what’s best for us, better than we know ourselves.