3 Reasons To Always Pray

“Prayer can never be in excess.”

– Charles Spurgeon


Prayer is not only important. It is more critical than 911 because God can do far greater things in an emergency than EMT workers can. God is able and more than willing to help us in our time of need, if only we would reach out to Him in prayer. Why not start your day off with prayer? Is anything more vital? Add to that being in the Word of God on a daily bread for your daily portion of the Bread of Life (John 6:35)? I would say there is nothing more vital than those two things.

Leaning On

When you are fallen, even fallen from grace, you can reach out to God Who is ready to forgive you if you confess those sins to Him (1st John 1:9), so why not take His hand and then lean upon the “everlasting arms” of God Himself and make “The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms” (Deut 33:27)? We can never pray too much; too little yes, but never too much.

Living By

If we are living and breathing the things of God throughout our day, we’ll be living by the Word of God and being in prayer with God. These two things are so very powerful in our lives, and yet we find we’re “too busy” to read the Bible or to pray. If that’s the case, then we’re too busy doing other things. Nothing is more important to our day and our daily sustenance than the Bread of Life, the Bible, and the link to God, our prayers to Him.


Depend on God today and every day by being in constant communication with Him in prayer and in His Word, and then you can lean upon Him when you’re about to or have already fallen. Then, live by it and use every moment of every day that you possible can and you’ll know what the Apostle Paul meant by writing, “pray without ceasing” (1st Thess 5:17).