3 Reasons There’s Safety In The Will of God

“The safest place in all the world is in the will of God.”

– Warren Wiersbe

Safety in the Storm

When Jesus sent the disciples out in a boat and into the Sea of Galilee, He knew a storm was coming. Why did He do that? Jesus surely knew a storm was coming. Jesus got into the boat with them when a fierce storm started pummeling the boat, but Jesus was fast asleep (Luke 8:22-23), so the disciples woke Him, telling Him that they were about to perish (Luke 8:24a)! Jesus then rebuked the storm, and the storm instantly ceased (Luke 8:24b). Then Jesus rebuked the disciples for their lack of faith (Luke 8:25). There they were in the middle of the storm, but also in the middle of God’s will because Jesus had just sent them into the storm. But why? To teach them to trust Him and that no storm is ever a threat to the Creator of creation, the Lord of the storms. Even though the disciples were in the middle of the storm, they were in the middle of the will of God, and there is no safer place to be in all the world, despite what our eyes tell us.

Suffering for Good

Peter knew a lot about suffering since he was one of the pillars of the much persecuted first-century church. That’s probably why he wrote that it’s actually better to suffer for doing good than for evil if that is God’s will (1 Pet 3:17). It is surely God’s will that we silence the ignorant talk of others (1 Pet 2:15) because if we suffer for doing good, God is pleased with that, and that is certainly God’s will for all who will live a godly life (1 Pet 2:20). Peter wrote that our trails might bring a sense of hopelessness and test our faith, but it’s all a part of God’s will, and this should make us commit ourselves to God (1 Pet 4:15). So much of the book of 1st Peter is about tests of faith and how suffering is directly linked to God’s will. If you’re suffering, it’s not by accident. You might be suffering as part of the consequences of a sin, but this, too, is right in the middle of God’s will.

Safety against Shipwreck

Paul was being brought before Caesar on a ship when a terrifying storm hit and the men started throwing cargo overboard. At the time, neither Paul nor any of the men knew whether or not they would all be killed, and it must have been on Paul’s mind and the crew’s mind, too. Perhaps it was because of this:  that the Lord sent an angel to reassure Paul that he was exactly where he was supposed to be–that is, in the will of God. The angel told him to not be afraid, even though he was presently in a terrible storm, and, by appearances, the ship was about to crash against the shore and all life would be lost. The angel reassured Paul that God was going to spare all the passengers, including Paul. Because Paul was going to be taken before Caesar, this meant that his and the crew’s lives would be spared by God (Acts 27:42-44). It surely didn’t look like it, but Paul and really the crew were right in the middle of God’s will, and there is no safer place to be.


It may not always feel good at the time, but to know that you are going through difficulties and still in the will of God is a good thing. We know that everything that happens to us works out for our best (Rom 8:28). Think about that the next time you suffer, have your faith tested, or feel hopeless, because it is better to be going through that and be in His will than in pleasure and outside of the will of God.

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