3 Reasons The Devil May Hate You

“My main ambition in life is to be on the devil’s most wanted list. “

– Leonard Ravenhill

Entering Enemy Territory

Years ago, when our church began to evangelize our community, we were hit with some fiery darts of the enemy. Why? Because we were entering into his domain and he didn’t like it. It happens when we enter the world with a message about the kingdom of God. Satan doesn’t want anyone to have their eyes opened, because he’s already blinded them (2nd Cor 4:4).

Overcome a Major Sin

When we are saved, we begin to strive to overcome sin and as you know, this is not easy at all, but when the time comes that we’ve overcome a major, besetting sin, the enemy wants us to fall back into it again. It is only through Christ’s strength that we can overcome sin, so pray to God for the strength to resist the temptation to fall into that old sin again. When we do overcome these sins, we are marked by the Devil as one of his “Most Wanted.”

Growing in Grace

God’s Word gives us real power (Rom 1:16; 1st Cor 1:18) to grow in grace and knowledge, but when we start growing in the knowledge of God, the enemy marks us as one of his enemies. This means that Satan may have some of his demons harass us and attack us in our thought life to keep us out of the Bible, but the Bible can keep the Devil away, but if we keep the Bible away, that leaves Satan room to fill our minds with other things, and things most certainly not godly.


Remember when the Seven Sons of Sceva tried to cast out a demon, but the demons said, “Jesus I know, and Paul I recognize, but who are you” (Acts 19:15)? The point is this; if you are witnessing for Christ, if you are overcoming a major sin, and if you’re growing in grace (even more if you’re doing all three), Satan already knows you very well, and you are on Satan’s most wanted list, and actually, that’s right were you want to be.