3 Reasons Problems Can Help Us

“God has a purpose behind every problem.”

– Rick Warren

They Make us Stronger

Try to look at every problem you encounter as a way to strengthen your resolve to persevere. In other words, use problems like weights; let them work to strengthen you in order that you might not give up. Problems can cause us to seek solutions, and in seeking a solution, we may discover the root of the problem. That’s good, because we may be able to avoid that same problem the next time.

They Make us Pray

When you run into problems, run into your “prayer closet.” Don’t allow the problems to control you, rather allow them to make you seek God in prayer. Perhaps the problem was that we weren’t praying enough, so God used the problem to bring us back to Him, but God has a purpose in everything, including our problems, because He works out all of the bad and the good things for our best (Rom 8:28). That’s a huge benefit of having a problem.

They Make us Praise

When we run into problems, which cause us to run to God in prayer, give praise to God. Especially when our problem is solved. God is most pleased when we praise Him, thank Him, and glorify Him. It shouldn’t take a problem to make us praise God, but sometimes it makes us seek God Who can then help us. Take time today to thank Him and praise Him for all of His goodness.


God never our wastes problems, because He uses them for His purposes, like making us stronger, making us pray more, and allowing us to praise Him, whether our problem is solved or not. There isn’t any problem that’s bigger than God. If our problems seem too big, then we’ve got too small of a view of God, because a big view of God can make every problem small.