3 People God Used Extraordinarily

“Those that God used in the past were just ordinary people with an extraordinary Master.”

– Winkie Pratney


Noah was a humble man, but he was also a faithful man. When God told Noah that a flood was coming, and that he would need to build an ark (which could have taken a century) to save him and his family, he never questioned God. At least the Scriptures are silent about it. All Noah did was build something that had never been built before on such a scale, and then prepare for something that had never happened before (flood). It didn’t matter because “Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his generation. Noah walked with God” (Gen 6:9), which was why God used Noah so powerfully.


Moses had committed murder in Egypt and so he fled, only to become a shepherd for forty years in the desert. He went from being the next Pharaoh, heir-apparent, to a lowly shepherd, whom the Egyptians despised above all. They would not have expected a “mere shepherd” to lead Israel out of their bondage against the world’s greatest power at the time. But that is precisely the point. God will use people who no one else would ever think to use. God delights in using the “unlikely” so that He receives all the glory.


When David was only a teen, and small in size, but he still insisted on going up against Goliath, who was about 3 times his height (or more). David was angry because Goliath had been slandering the name of God and of His people and he could hardly believe that no one had went out against him yet…do he did! David took neither a sword nor a shield; not even a spear. He only took 5 small stones and his shepherd’s staff (1st Sam 17:40). This may have been because he expected Goliath’s four other brothers to go against him (2nd Samuel 21.19-22). That in itself is incredible. It shows David’s courage, but it also shows his wisdom in being prepared for more than Goliath. God uses such men who know that the battle belongs to the Lord so that all the glory goes to Him.


God can use you, even if others think you’re less than extraordinary. That’s okay. It only matters what God thinks. You (and I) are the ones God will use if we walk with God. Of course, Jesus Christ, Who is both God and Man, was the most extraordinary of all. Who could compare to Jesus Christ, the Son of God? None has nor ever will exist that can compare to the glory of the King of kings and Lord of lords Who will return someday and crush all human kingdoms and bring them into submission under His eternal kingdom that will never end.