21 Quotes About Learning

  • "I have seldom seen much ostentation and much learning met together. The sun, rising and declining, makes long shadows; at mid day, when he is highest, none at all."

    - Joseph Hall
    Topics: Learning

  • "It is a little learning, and but a little, which makes men conclude hastily. Experience and humility teach modesty and fear."

    - Jeremy Taylor
    Topics: Humility, Learning, Modesty

  • "When you listen and read one thinker, you become a clone

  • "The best learning I had came from teaching."

    - Corrie Ten Boom
    Topics: Learning

  • "The first priority of my life is to be holy, and the second goal of my life is to be a scholar."

    - John Wesley
    Topics: Holiness, Learning

  • "After learning to love God (worship), learning to love others is the second purpose of your life."

    - Rick Warren
    Topics: Worship, Learning

  • "No man is the wiser for his learning; it may administer matter to work in, or objects to work upon; but wit and wisdom are born with a man."

    - John Selden
    Topics: Learning, Wisdom

  • "Learning hath gained most by those books by which the printers have lost."

    - Thomas Fuller
    Topics: Books, Learning

  • "That learning which thou gettest by thy own observation and experience, is far beyond that which thou gettest by precept; as the knowledge of a traveler exceeds that which is got by reading."

    - Thomas a Kempis
    Topics: Learning, Reading

  • "Learning makes a man fit company for himself."

    - Thomas Fuller
    Topics: Learning

  • "Learning to trust is one of life's most difficult tasks."

    - Isaac Watts
    Topics: Trust, Learning

  • "Learning to love unselfishly is not an easy task. It runs counter to our self-centered nature."

    - Rick Warren
    Topics: Love, Learning

  • "If thou desire to profit, read with humility, simplicity, and faithfulness; nor even desire the repute of learning."

    - Thomas a Kempis
    Topics: Books, Learning, Reading

  • "The highest and most profitable learning is the knowledge of ourselves. To have a low opinion of our own merits, and to think highly of others, is an evidence of wisdom."

    - Thomas a Kempis
    Topics: Wisdom, Learning

  • "Do not be influenced by the importance of the writer, and whether his learning be great or small, but let the love of pure truth draw you to read. Do not inquire, Who said this? but pay attention to what is said."

    - Thomas a Kempis
    Topics: Books, Truth, Learning

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