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Unto no duty are we more dull and untoward, than to the praise of God, and thanksgiving unto him; neither is there any duty whereunto there is more need that we should be stirred up.
- David Dickson
One sin is a step to another more heinous; for not observing, is followed with not remembering, and forgetfulness of duty drawled on disobedience and rebellion.
- David Dickson
None do seek the Lord so earnestly, but they have need of stirring up to seek him more earnestly; neither have any attained to such a measure of communion with God, but they have need to seek for a further measure.
- David Dickson
How weak so ever the believer finds himself, and how powerful so ever he perceives his enemy to be, it is all one to him, he hath no more to do but to put faith on work, and to wait till God works.
- David Dickson
He who would have God's help in any business, must quit confidence in man's help; and the seeing of the vanity of man's help must make the believer to trust the more unto, and expect the more confidently God's help.
- David Dickson
There is more stuff and substance of good in the Lord's promises than the sharpest sighted saint did or can perceive; for when we have followed the promise, to find out all the truth which is in it, we meet with a cloud of unsearchable riches, and are forced to leave it there.
- David Dickson
When the promised inheritance of heaven (which was figured by the pleasant land of promise), is not counted worthy of all the pains and difficulties which can be sustained and met with in the way of going toward it; the promised inheritance is but little esteemed of.
- David Dickson
When we have a controversy with the wicked we should take heed that private spleen do not rule us, but that only our interest in God's quarrel with them doth move us.
- David Dickson
Our mind cannot find a comparison too large for expressing the superabundant mercy of the Lord toward his people.
- David Dickson
When God by circumstances of time and place doth call for moderation of carnal appetite, the transgression is more heinous and offensive unto God.
- David Dickson
The godly man sometimes may be so overclouded with calumnies and reproaches as not to be able to find a way to clear themselves before men, but must content and comfort themselves with the testimony of a good conscience and with God's approval of their integrity.
- David Dickson
It is not sufficient to offer the empty vessel of our joy unto God, or our singing voice in musical tune only; but also it is required that we fill our joyful voice with holy matter and good purpose, whereby God only may be reasonably praised.
- David Dickson
The height of our praising of God is to put the work of praising God upon himself, and to point him out unto others as going about the magnifying of his own name, and to be glad for it.
- David Dickson
The weight of offering praise unto God is too heavy for men to lift; and as for angels, it will take up all their strength and their best abilities to go about it.
- David Dickson
Because the church is God's beloved, the care of it should be most in our mind, and the love of the preservation of it should draw forth our prayer most in favor of it.
- David Dickson
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