Tag: Contentment

John Piper Quote – Let Jesus Overwhelm You

“Consider Jesus. Know Jesus. Learn what kind of Person it is you say you trust and love and worship. Soak in the shadow of Jesus. Saturate your soul with the ways of Jesus. Watch Him. Listen to Him. Stand in awe of Him. Let Him overwhelm you with the way He is.”

– John Piper

Max Lucado Quote – God is Always with You

You may be transferred, enlisted, commissioned, reassigned, or hospitalized – but brand this on your heart – you can never go where God is not.

– Max Lucado

Max Lucado Quote – Live Today

Here’s what you need to keep in mind. You no longer have yesterday. You do not yet have tomorrow. You have only today. This is the day the Lord has made. Live in it.

– Max Lucado

Martin Luther Quote – God’s Hands

“I have held many things in my hands, and have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.”

Martin Luther

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