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Remember Easter


If you’re like me, the business of life can make you forget the true meaning of Easter. That’s why we have created a really cool way to be reminded throughout the Passion week.


What To Expect

Starting on Tuesday of Easter week and ending on Easter Sunday, we will send you about 10 short messages that mark significant and important times over the week, in real-time (or at least as close as we can get based on Biblical records). In addition, we add all scripture references.

This gives a great opportunity to simply pause for a couple minutes in your day and remember what Jesus has done for us.


How to Join

To join in, just click the button below and we will send you a confirmation in your Facebook Messenger.

Note: Signing up will also add you to the Christian Quotes daily quote/story. This consists of an inspirational Christain quote as an image and then a popular article about various Biblicaly inspiring topics.