850 Quotes About Prayer

  • "We should pray when we are in a praying mood, for it would be sinful to neglect so fair an opportunity. We should pray when we are not in a proper mood, for it would be dangerous to remain in so unhealthy a condition."

    - Charles Spurgeon
    Topics: Prayer

  • "The right way to pray is to stretch out our hands and ask of One who we know has the heart of a Father."

    - Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    Topics: Prayer

  • "I hope in God, I pray on, and look yet for the answer. They are not converted yet, but they will be."

    - George Mueller
    Topics: Conversion, Prayer

  • "Like an echo from a ruined castle, prayer is an echo from the ruined human soul of the sweet promise of God."

    - Assorted Authors
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  • "I always give all the glory to God, but I do not forget that He gave me the privilege of ministering from the first to a praying people. We had prayer meetings that moved our very souls, each one appeared determined to storm the Celestial City by the might of intercession."

    - Charles Spurgeon
    Topics: Prayer, Intercession

  • "Fall on your knees and grow there. There is no burden of the spirit but is lighter by kneeling under it. Prayer means not always talking to Him, but waiting before Him till the dust settles and the stream runs clear."

    - F.B. Meyer
    Topics: Prayer, Waiting

  • "God's hearing of our prayers doth not depend upon sanctification, but upon Christ's intercession; not upon what we are in ourselves, but what' we are in the Lord Jesus; both our persons and our prayers are acceptable in the beloved [Eph 1.6]."

    - Thomas Brooks
    Topics: Prayer, Sanctification, Intercession

  • "God waits for you to communicate with Him. You have instant, direct access to God. God loves mankind so much, and in a very special sense His children, that He has made Himself available to you at all times."

    - Wesley L. Duewel
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  • "To have God speak to the heart is a majestic experience, an experience that people may miss if they monopolize the conversation and never pause to hear God's responses."

    - Charles Stanley
    Topics: Prayer, The Heart

  • "What is the reason that some believers are so much brighter and holier than others? I believe the difference, in nineteen cases out of twenty, arises from different habits about private prayer. I believe that those who are not eminently holy pray little, and those who are eminently holy pray much."

    - J. C. Ryle
    Topics: Holiness, Prayer

  • "O, let the place of secret prayer become to me the most beloved spot on earth."

    - Andrew Murray
    Topics: Prayer

  • "To pray is nothing more involved than to open the door, giving Jesus access to our needs and permitting Him to exercise His own power in dealing with them."

    - Ole Hallesby
    Topics: Prayer

  • "The prayer that is faithless is fruitless."

    - Thomas Watson
    Topics: Prayer

  • "We ought to act with God in the greatest simplicity, speak to Him frankly and plainly, and implore His assistance in our affairs."

    - Brother Lawrence
    Topics: Prayer

  • "The best and sweetest flowers of paradise God gives to His people when they are upon their knees. Prayer is the gate of heaven."

    - Thomas Brooks
    Topics: Prayer

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