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Our Favorite Christmas Gift Idea For Christian Kids in 2018

  1. My favorite part of this particular NIV Adventure Bible, Polar Exploration Edition, is the LIVE IT! feature…. this would be a wonderful gift set for every child this Christmas season!

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Traditions can be extremely important for families, especially at Christmas. They can represent a strong family bond through togetherness bringing joy, laughter & love. Our family has made it a tradition each Christmas to give meaningful gifts that will grow our faith as a Christian family. Such gifts have included a new engraved Bible, a teen devotional, prayer book, or Bible verse calendar for our three girls. Giving our children these types of gifts has cultivated and shaped their Christian values and character year after year. Therefore, I would like share what I like about the NIV Adventure Bible, Polar Exploration Edition & The Book of Devotions as a wonderful gift set for children this Christmas.

Polar Bears are Cool

It was easy to be drawn into this NIV Adventure Bible, Polar Exploration Edition because it sparks the interest of both boys and girls. They will open to background images of magnificent Polar Bears, Arctic glaciers and crystal blue waters as a backdrop through God’s Word. For me, this Kids Adventure Bible hits the mark because it showcases the remarkable polar bear and the landscape of our world through images of one of the coldest places on earth.

Special Features of the Adventure Bible

Exploring God’s Word with our arms wrapped around our children or reading at their bedside has been one of our favorite activities over the years. This special time has certainly been a spiritual time of growth, safety, love, and discovery all bundled together in that “snuggly space” of parent/child tenderness. This Adventure Bible allows for the authentic growth of asking questions as they read through God’s Word either with a loved one or on their own because of the great features that I will highlight below.

Some of the features include “Did You Know” with the simplicity of a fun fact, “Life in Bible Times” and “People in Bible Times”, which are short snippets of real information on how the culture was in biblical days. Furthermore, the Book Introductions consist of very important subheadings to give you an overview before you embark on the stories laid out in each Book of the Bible. The layout of this Adventure Bible is well organized and allows for a child’s mind to open up to the characters and the world as it was in the Old and New Testament in a deep and meaningful way.

Live It Out Feature for Us All

My favorite part of this particular NIV Adventure Bible, Polar Exploration Edition, is the LIVE IT! feature. This is where the rubber meets the road in our Christian walk as believers. As parents, it is such a blessing to witness our children living out what they are learning through the stories and pages of God’s Word. The LIVE IT feature is beautifully written to ask our children these very hard questions about every day life so when they are on the playground, at school, at home or with a friend their behaviors can shine a powerful light for God. The Live It feature is all about sharpening their character building skills for God’s Kingdom and is a perfect bridge from the Bible story to real life decisions for our children. Therefore, I think this would be a wonderful gift set for every child this Christmas season!

The Adventure Bible Book of Devotions

As children work through this Bible, they can pair it with the Book of Devotions that features a Bible verse at the top of each page and then dives into questions and application for their lives. The Book of Devotions poses daily questions for our children so they can understand how to walk in their faith for their Lord and Savior with confidence, passion, humility, strength and with purpose.

As I was looking through our youngest daughter’s Bibles and Devotionals, it occurred to me this is the Polar Exploration Edition she would enjoy the most! As an inquisitive and serious 8 year old, she likes for material to be laid out in a well organized fashion. She also digs deeper into what she is learning through questioning and is eager to apply what she has learned immediately. For example, the questions in the devotional are simple, straightforward and a wonderful way for kids to be excited about every bible verse and challenge they read each day. For example, “Think of something that is bothering you today. It might be big or it might be small. Can you tell God about that one thing?” This is a wonderful first step of learning how to talk to God for a child and pray with their whole heart. It was also a reminder to me that I can overcomplicate my dialogue with God at times.

I am excited to see this NIV Adventure Bible and Book of Devotions as a set because over the years my children have learned so much from their Devotionals along with their Bible time. However, I have always purchased the resources separately of each other. It can now be a seamless process of exploration into God’s Word and daily devotion time with our children through this fun, adventurous Polar Exploration Set! I love it!

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Tiffany Skelton

Tiffany currently lives in Tennessee with her husband and their three daughters (ages 14, 12 and 8 yrs). When Tiffany is not spending time with her husband and girls, she enjoys exercising, walking in nature, cooking healthy recipes in her kitchen, listening to music, writing, studying God’s Word and reading wellness books. She and her family attend Immanuel Baptist Church.