Jack Hyles Quote – God’s Calling For Us

“If God called us to a task, He will then qualify us for the job.”

– Jack Hyles

Jack Hyles Quote About God’s Calling Commentary

God may not always call the equipped, but you can be sure that he’ll equip the called. Jack Hyles’ quote above gets to the core of Bible truth. Again and again in the bible, God didn’t necessarily call the biggest, the bravest, the strongest to serve him. In many cases, he took the smallest, the most frail, the weakest, or the most fearful and transformed them. Why does God do this? Why doesn’t he just focus on giving his charge to those who are most naturally equipped to do his will? God works to exalt the lowly and strengthen the weak because he wants us all to see what he can do in our lives. If God can take fallen, weak, and damaged people and transform them by his Grace and power, surely he can change us too.

Called to something higher

When God calls you or His Spirit impresses on your heart a burden, you are given an opportunity. You are given a chance to leave everything up to God and let his Grace and power lead you. God has a calling for all of us. This calling shouldn’t be feared. Unlike Jonah who tried to get away and only followed after being swallowed by a whale, we should welcome God’s call with open arms. We can be sure that when he calls us, he’s calling us to do something higher and bigger. We may not understand it. We may feel overwhelmed but these are precisely the types of situations where God manifests his glory.

Trusting his providence

If you feel called to do something for God, say, like Samuel, ‘Here I am Lord.’ Present yourself to him and sacrifice your will. He will give you whatever you will need for your journey. Presenting yourself to God strengthens your faith because each uncertain step forward will be powered by his grace. Doors that seemed shut forever will start opening. It is both a journey for God’s project and a journey of faith for you. Trust in God’s providence and walk in his strength daily. You will be amazed at where you’ll find yourself and at the heights God will show you in your journey. This is part of walking with God. Our daily walk, after all, is a journey of faith and trust. Faith is not possible with trust and the challenges we face in our daily walk give us opportunity after opportunity to trust the Lord more fully. In many cases, the journey itself is the blessing.

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