Jack Hyles Quote – God Equips

“God does not choose those who are fit. He outfits those whom He chooses.”

– Jack Hyles

Jack Hyles’ Quote Commentary About God’s Calling

All of us have a calling. All of us have a role to play in God’s plan. When we listen intently for what God wants in our lives, it can get quite scary. In many cases, it turns out that God is calling us to do something that we’re completely unprepared for or we feel we don’t have the talent for what God wants us to do. So we balk. We find excuses. We dial back. We slow down. We glance down when we feel God calling us in our hearts.

God equips those he calls

If this happened to you or is happening to you, keep in mind that God isn’t going to give you a challenge that you can’t handle. If he calls you to do something, he will make provisions for you to do what he calls you to do. In other words, God may not always call the equipped and talented but He sure will give those he calls the right skills and capabilities to make his will happen. We only need to listen clearly and trust with all our hearts. God will fill in the blanks. He will give you the energy. He will give you the drive. He will give you the open mind to learn what you need to learn and the heart to keep pushing forward. That’s how God works.

God doesn’t always call the mighty

When God called forth a king to lead Israel, it would have made a lot of sense-in human eyes at least-for God to call the biggest, the bravest warriors. Instead, God called a small shepherd boy to lead his people. When God needed a warrior to turn the tide against Israel’s enemies, he didn’t choose the strongest leader, instead he tracked own a shy and self-doubting Gideon. Both David and Gideon brought glory to God. How? They didn’t rely on their own strengths. There was none. There was only doubt and maybe low self-esteem. Instead, they heard God’s call with open ears and open minds and did the only thing they can do in that given moment-they gave their trust. That’s all God wants from us when he calls us to do his will. We don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the shed. We don’t have to have the proven experience and track record. We don’t have to have the right degrees. Instead, we only need to trust him enough to give us His strength to make it happen. Will you allow God to use you to make things happen today?

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