Jack Hyles Quote – Faith

“Faith is the willingness to risk anything on God.”

– Jack Hyles

Jack Hyles Faith Quote Commentary

Faith is a very easy to confuse and misunderstand topic in the Bible. It really is. It is easy to look at faith in the same way as you look at the gas gauge in your car. We often look at faith as occupying a continuum between empty and full. Obviously, as Christians, we’d like to all operate on a full tank of faith since we think that ‘more’ faith leads to more blessings. Well, that’s not what the Bible says. Jesus said to his disciples that if they only had faith the size of a mustard seed they can command mountains to jump into the sea. Now, that’s some faith! However, pay attention to the Christ’s positioning of faith. He didn’t say that his disciples should have MORE faith. Instead, his point was that if his disciples had ANY faith, then they can do truly powerful things. Faith is not a continuum between ‘low’ faith to ‘high’ faith. Instead, it is black and white. Either you have faith or you don’t.

Real faith involves having less faith on ourselves

Jack Hyles’ quote about faith as being willing to risk anything on God highlights Jesus’ teaching about faith. Hyles isn’t saying that faith means you risk EVERYTHING on God. Instead, he points out that the fact people risk ANYTHING, even a small iota, on God means that they have faith. Why? Most people love to say they believe in God but their actions reveal otherwise. Most people say they place their faith in God but their actions show they place more faith in themselves, their planning, their work, their achievements. Hyles point is that faith requires us to let go of the certainty and peace of mind we often get when we rely on what we can do. The truth is, we are very limited. We can only do so much. Our power extends only so much. We feel lost when our circle of power and control don’t extend to cover a particular situation. We hate feeling not being in control. We can say we have faith in God and we will leave a situation in His hands-but deep inside we feel lost, desperate, and powerless.

True faith means freedom from personal power

True faith means letting God increase in our lives. This means, as said by John The Baptist, letting God increasing by letting ourselves decrease. Real faith means placing trust in God and not ourselves. While we must still do the groundwork, preparation, and coordination, we have to be at peace, emotionally and intellectually, with the reality that it, ultimately, is His call. Only when we are able to do this can we reap the peace one gets when he or she trusts God.

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