Jack Hyles Quote – Die in the WIll of God

“I’d rather die in the will of God than to live outside of it.”

– Jack Hyles

Suffering Doing God’s Will is Better than Enjoying Life Outside it

Jack Hyles’ statement sums up the thinking every truly converted Christian should have. The meaning of life all boils down to one key truth: it is all about God… not us. We exist for his glory. The universe exists to reveal God’s character. It’s never about us. It is all about Him and his holy Will.

The World Flows from God

Unfortunately, the human heart is very self-seeking and wasted no time spreading the false idea that life is all about self. It is too tempting to think that life is all about you. When you die, it all dies. After all, if you can’t perceive it, it doesn’t really exist, right? You don’t have to be a veteran of any community college Philosophy 101 to see how pervasive and common this mistaken thinking is: you are the center of the universe and if you die, the world dies with you.

The reality of God is that, as revealed in Exodus, his name is I AM. In other words, he exists independently of our ability to perceive him. He exists independently of all physical laws and scientific measurement. He is the ultimate reality that flows through everything and from which everything flows from. The world may be fallen but it was God that the original, unstained, and perfect world flows from.

Life is all about HIM

This is why it is crucial to understand the power and immensity of God’s will. It has its own power above and beyond our own. By way of analogy, in terms of will, we are like the small pieces of algae soaking up, in our own feeble and very limited way, the great light coming out of the sun which is analogous to God. Of course, no analogy based on natural models will do justice to the immensity of God. However, the point of this analogy is to show the proper relationship between the human will and God’s will. This is why Jack Hyle’s quote is so cogent and meaningful. Living outside of God’s will is an empty existence. It is hopeless. It has no ultimate meaning. It has no ultimate significance. Living your life, regardless of whatever trials the Devil throws your way, is infinitely more worthwhile than whatever temporary and forgettable pleasures and victories life outside God’s will may enable you to enjoy. God’s will delivers, as Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well, water that truly quenches forever. Are you ready to fill your life with the meaning only God’s will can provide?

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  • This is true because i believe in the true God who truly is when there was no existence of time and ther were no existence of any other ,gods,spirits,powers,forces, and also there were no existence of the stars, moons, planets, galaxies, even the totality of the elements that form the total universe, and out of HIS soul He( the true God ) causes all of them to manifest into reality.
    Allthings, all souls and all spirits,and powers and forces flow from his soul.He does not need raw materials before creating, therefore, we are His and we must do his will even if to die for His will.

  • The True God, is the one and only God who truly is when time was not existing and out of His soul and spirit He cause the time to manifest into reality.He is the same true God who truly is when there were no existence of any other Gods,spirits,powers,forces and angels and He created all the Gods,spirits,powers,forces,and the angels with His own spirit from His soul. He is the same true God who is when there were no existence of the stars, moons, planets,galaxies, even the totality of the elements that form the total universe and out of His soul and spirit He created the stars ,moons and the totality of the elements that form the total universe
    True God is you,we do make most solemn covenant to sacrifice our whole selves,our souls,spirits,lives,bodies and minds to.
    We yield our personal desires unto your one great desire to be used as instruments to create one family through Christ for yourself.
    TrueGod possess us and guild us to know your truth,also open our spiritual eyes to see what is in deep secret. Amen.

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