Jack Hyles Quote – Jesus’ Strength Enables Us to Benefit From Trials

“I never had a trial I wanted to have, but I never had trial I wasn’t glad I had.”

– Jack Hyles

Jesus’ Strength Enables Us to Benefit From Trials

Jack Hyles has a very interesting observation about trials. Why would anybody want to have a trial? Most of us, of course, would stay away from trials. Trials are painful; trials are challenging. We are all, creatures of pleasure, meaning we gravitate towards things that feel good, and run away from things that cause pain. Pretty straightforward.

Jack Hyles’ quote, however, gets to the heart of the reality behind trials. If you would look at your life’s trial hard enough, there is always a blessing to be found within that trial. One key story that highlights this reality is the story of the Footprints in the Sand.

Those Footprints in the Sand

The story of the Footprints in the Sand involves a person who chose Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and he saw his life as a journey walking on a beach with Jesus. He was walking through the sand, and since he is walking with Jesus Christ, there are two sets of footprints—his footprints, and Jesus Christ’s. However, he noticed that when bad things were happening in his life, instead of two footprints, he saw only one set of footprints. He saw this pattern again and again. He finally asked Jesus, “Why is it that when I’m going through challenges, instead of you walking with me, I only see one set of footprints in the sand?”

Jesus said, “When you were going through those challenges, it was I carrying you through those challenges. That’s why you only see one set of footprints.”

Trust In Jesus to Carry You Through

The benefit of any trial, as painful as they may be, is it allows us an opportunity to trust in Jesus more. You have to understand that your God is bigger than your problems. Whatever you are confronting, whatever hurdle you are trying to overcome, the power of the Being that spoke the universe into existence is with you if you allow Him to be with you. In other words, your relationship with Jesus Christ must take precedence over the pain, the challenge, the shame, and the humiliation that you may be going through.

We all go through challenges. We live in a fallen world. Challenges come with the package of existence. However, we always have that opportunity. When we are going through those painful chapters of the story of our lives, we have to trust more fully in Jesus and to trust that He will carry us through.

The good news doesn’t end there. It’s not just a question of relying on Jesus’ strength to push us through and carry us through. The Footprints in the Sand is a good story, but there’s something more. Jesus, while carrying you through, changes you, too. That is the bigger victory, because the whole point of human existence is to end with something more that we started. When Jesus is carrying you, and you’re living through those challenges, he is changing your character. Give Him permission to carry you. Give Him permission today to change you.

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