Jack Hyles Quote – 5 Reasons Why You Should Seek to Know God More

“I know enough of God to want to know more.”

– Jack Hyles

Devotional: 5 Reasons Why You Should Seek to Know God More

The Jack Hyles quote above really cuts to the heart of why Christians should make it a point to acquaint themselves better with God. In fact, you only need to look around you and to see how gracious and kind and loving God is. This should be enough to at least awaken a curiosity in you to deepen your understanding of your creator.

Here are five reasons why you should seek to know God more:

Reason 1: You might not know him enough

Have you ever had a friend whom you thought you knew and certain situations and circumstances happen, and you saw a side of that friend that really blew you away? In many cases, you grew to like your friend even more because this new side to him or her showed up. This is precisely the kind of attitude we should have about God. In most cases, we don’t know him enough.

You have to understand that the capacity of the human being to understand things is actually quite limited, and God after all is infinite. It’s like trying to fit the ocean into a tiny bucket. It’s just not going to happen. Never assume that you know enough about God.

By keeping our minds and hearts open to all the many different aspects of his personality and being, we are be infinitely blessed.

Reason 2: Our relationship with God involves an unfolding revelation

Even if you’ve been married for many years, there are still certain times where your spouse would show a side of him or her that you never saw before. This is one of the great things of being in a relationship. There’s always something new to explore.

This should also be the hallmark of a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Real relationships unfold over time not so much because Jesus Christ is holding back from you but because your ability and willingness to understand evolve over time.

There’s really not a point where you can say you completely know somebody. Similarly, there’s really not a point where you can say you completely know God.

Reason 3: The more you know about God, the more you know yourself

Relationships are two-ways streets. As much as we learn about the person we’re in a relationship with, we also learn about ourselves. There’s kind of a call and response dynamic going on in genuine relationships.

This offers great opportunities for personal growth because the more you know about your partner, the more you know about yourself and it changes your appreciation and understanding of your partner. You’re always bouncing signals back and forth.

In the same way, your relationship with Jesus reveals your fears, your limitations, your hopes, your dreams, and your possibilities. It can be a very fun adventure in self-exploration and self-discovery.

Reason 4: You need to learn your destiny

God put us all on this planet with a destiny. Sure, your life may seem like it’s a routine, and you’re doing the same thing day in day out. It may even seem that life is basically meaningless because of whatever pain or challenges that you may be facing. But there is a purpose for your life. God does not make a mistake. There’s a reason why you’re alive.

The more you walk with Jesus, the more you get an understanding of what destiny he has set up for you. It’s all about you giving yourself permission to listen to that small still voice inside of you, which is the voice of the Holy Spirit.

The good news is that a sense of destiny and purpose can drive you towards a sense of completion. There’s nothing more tragic than living a life that seems empty because it has no meaning. But the meaning is there if you give yourself permission to look for it and understand it.

Reason 5: The more you know about God, the more you become like him

The First Book of Corinthians tells us that the more we behold Christ, the more we are changed. In other words, our relationship with Jesus is not lifeless. It’s not like you accept him, and you remain who you are. The more you understand him, the more you know about him; the more you change.

God sense of character is the whole point of humanity. That’s our understanding this is our purpose. Unfortunately, human beings have an image of God, but it is broken due to original sin. Knowing Christ more and absorbing his transforming love transforms us into becoming more like him. This not just important in terms of our relationship to him but also transforms us in our ability to spread that love to people around us.


Knowing God is probably the biggest mission you can give yourself. It’s also the biggest and most profound source of joy in your life if you let yourself go on that journey.

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