Jack Hyles Quote – 5 Reasons Failures are Successes in Disguise

“Success is on the same road as failure; success is just a little further down the road.”

– Jack Hyles

Devotional: 5 Reasons Failures are Successes in Disguise

Too many people are afraid of failure that they actually end up failing. Failure is that kind of challenge and in many cases our fear of failure is so great that we end up not trying at all. As Wayne Gretsky said, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. That’s how pervasive and insidious failure is. The good news is that failure is actually on the same coin as success. Make no mistake about it; failure is really just success in disguise. Here are the five reasons why.

It is Very Hard to Learn from Success

You can’t really say that you’re a failure because some point in time you have achieved success. The problem with success is that it’s very hard to learn from. You don’t know exactly what you did that led to success. In many cases, you might not even recognize success as success. This is precisely why success is very hard to learn from and why failure is necessary.

Failure Reworks Our Character

Since it is easier to recognize failure because it often brings pain, doubt, awkward frustrating moments, it’s easier to see what we need to work on. This is precisely the blessing that failure brings to the table because it gives an opportunity to rework our character. For example, is it lack of patience that is keeping you from succeeding? Is it a lack of foresight? If you keep experiencing the sting of failure you eventually are pushed to confront your character and make the necessary changes.

Failure Gives Us the Opportunity to Be Persistent

Life rewards people that keep taking knocks but keep moving forward until they achieve their goals. This is why life rewards people who are persistent. When your efforts meet with failure this doesn’t mean it’s the end. If fact, it’s an opportunity for you to keep growing. It’s an opportunity for you to keep at it until you achieve what you need to achieve. This is part of reworking your character. If things were easy, you would not develop a character that you need and true victory will elude you.

Failure Gives Us the Opportunity to Trust

In many cases failure happens and even though we give everything we had, this is precisely the moment for you to trust that God has the best in store for you. Trust is the cement of faith and everything is possible through faith and God and by taking the opportunity that failure gives us to increase our level of trust in God, we increase the amount of miracles that can happen in our lives.

Failure is destroyed by Faith

I can’t sum it up any stronger than this: Failure is really an invitation to develop faith. And if you develop faith you can destroy all failure in your life. In fact Jesus himself said, if you only had the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can make mountains jump into the sea. If you’re able to do that with faith, how much more can faith help you in your struggle with failure?


Failure is just success in disguise. As long as you’re willing to learn from your failures and as long as you’re willing to reshape your character from your failure, failure is never the end. In fact it can actually be the kind of opportunity that you need to achieve the transformation that you need to go through.

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