Jack Hyles Quote – 4 Ways to Know if Your Friendships Lead to Christ

“The ones who disappoint you need you the most.”

– Jack Hyles

Devotional: 4 Ways to Know if Your Friendships Lead to Christ

Friendships play a very important role in the lives of human beings. They sustain us, encourage us, and oftentimes, our friendships strengthen us. Friendships really give extra enjoyment to life. However, there are two kinds of friendships. There are friendships that lead you to become a better person and lead you closer to Christ. There are other friendships however, that lead you further away from Christ. In fact, they can lead you so far away from a real relationship with Jesus that they basically cut you off from what God has planned for you. Here are four ways to know if your friendships lead to Christ:

Your friends challenge you to become a better Christian

Friends can help you become a better Christian not just by praying for you or just saying they love you, but also by challenging you. In many cases, when you see your friends living Christian lives or struggling with sin, you are challenged to step up. You are challenged to become more honest with yourself and admit the challenges and shortcomings that you have.

When we see our friends successfully overcome addictions and sins, and become transformed people, we have to look at that as challenges to us so we can also overcome our personal demons. Indeed, even if our friends are having a tough time overcoming their issues, they can still provide the challenges that we need to produce positive changes in our lives. When our friends disappoint us, we can either be disappointments back at them or we can show them love and understand their challenges. Achieve victory because of these challenges and then minister back to them. Remember, there is no such thing as a lost opportunity to witness Christ’s transformative love to people around you.

Your friends are in need

When your friends are in need, it’s an opportunity for you not just to help them but to walk closer with Christ. When your friends are in need and they’re seeing challenges, you’re given an opportunity to see yourself in their situation. When you see yourself going through those challenges, facing all those problems, you can’t help but thank God for His grace. This is a blessing.

When your friends are in need, not only should you help them but you should also understand their situation and use it as an opportunity to thank God for His grace in your life. Be there for your friends and comfort them, but always be thankful to God for all the opportunities.

You see your friends as Christ sees them

You know your friendships lead to Christ when you see your friends as Christ sees them. The world may look at them as broken people and may even dismiss them as people suffering from incurable problems. You know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about addictions, infidelity. and people who are one step away from jail.

However, you know that your friendships lead to Christ when you see your friends as Christ sees them. Christ doesn’t see them as throw away people. Instead, Christ sees your friends as so precious and so valuable that God the Father gave everything He had just so they can be saved through faith in Jesus. In other words, you know that your friendships lead to Christ when you allow yourself to see your friends as Christ sees them.

Your friends are in doubt

As Christians, we have at least one friend who will tell us that God is dead or at the very least, tell us that God doesn’t exist. Interestingly enough, people who say these statements out loud are probably few and far between in your circle of friends. There are practical atheists in your circle-these are people that basically live their lives saying there is God, but their actions point to the opposite conclusion.

When you see that your friends are in doubt and you see that your friends don’t believe, your friendships can still lead to Christ because doubt is an opportunity for you to witness to them the power of Christ’s transformative love.


Nobody wants to live a life of pain, or a life where you’re running away from the consequences of your action. Deep down, they’re looking for a solution. Deep down, they want comfort and rest. Your friendships can lead to Christ when you see that your friends are in doubt or dismissive of God. How do you reach these friends? It’s very simple. Keep your word. Forgive easily. Love them back.

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