Jack Hyles Quote – 4 Ways to Change Your Prayer Habits and Stop Being a Fair-Weathered Friend to God

“We need God as much in the calm as in the storm.”

– Jack Hyles

Devotional: 4 Ways to Change Your Prayer Habits and Stop Being a Fair-Weathered Friend to God

It’s easy to remember God when things are falling apart or to remember that we have a God when we’re faced with lots of challenges. We often wait till the last minute until things are just too much to bear and then we get down on our knees and pray. Time after time God bails us out of the storm in one way or another. But once the storm clears, we stop relying on God and do things our way. The reality is that we need to stop being a fair-weathered friend to God and abide in Him as much as during the good days as in the bad days. Here are four ways to change your prayer habits so your not a fair-weathered friend to God.

Pray to Say Thanks for the Good and Calm Times.

The Bible says that at all times, give praise. In other words, pray to God and praise Him, whether you’re going through bad times or good times. It’s easy to say thank you when times are going good, but enough good days pass you by and we tend to slowly stop praying and then forget to say thanks. When you pray to say thanks for the good and calm times, you re-energize your link to God.

Pray to Say How Are You?

How many times in a day do you pick up your mobile phone to call your friends and family members or coworkers to say hello? Do the same with God. When you pray, it doesn’t always have be because you want stuff or want to give thanks. You should also pray to simply keep in touch. In fact, by keeping in touch, you keep the relationship strong.

Pray to Soak up God’s Presence

Did you know that you can pray without saying a word? You can just sit still to open up your mind and let his calm fill you. In fact, this might be the most powerful form of prayer because when you unite your mind with God’s mind, you stop talking over him. You position yourself to allow yourself to fully listen to him. You have to remember that God is a very courteous friend. He won’t talk over you unlike your human friends. So, the moment you are talking, he will stop and listen. Turn the tables around and just soak up his presence. You’d be surprised at what you’ll hear.

Pray to Further your Transformation into His Image

When Adam and Eve sinned, they broke the image of God in them, but we still all have the image of God in us. When you are praying to God, pray that He further transforms his image in you because the moment you accept that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour the transformation process begins. Continue to further it as you pray.


Just as you would hate to have a fair-weathered friend that runs to you only when they need money or are in trouble with the police, you should not become that friend to God. Stop being a fair-weathered friend to God by praying to him using the tips above. You’d be surprised as to the changes your relationship will go through.

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